Tyra Skadedotter
Attributes Points
Strength (ST) 21 [110]
Dexterity (DX) 13 [60]
Intelligence (IQ) 9 [-20]
Health (HT) 14 [40]
Secondary Attributes Points
Hit Points (HP) 26 [10]
Will 9 [0]
Perception (Per) 11 [10]
Fatigue Points (FP) 14 [0]

Drawing by Hattie Grace


Drawing by Hattie Grace

Nature: Player Character
Player: Hilde
User: HildeAHildeA
Profession: Barbarian
XP spent: See xp-logs


Basic Lift: 88 lbs
Basic Speed: 6.25 [-10]
Basic Move: 6 (4 when wearing usual armour)
Damage: Thrust 2d+1 / Swing 4d+1

Dodge: 10 (9 when wearing usual armour)
Parry: 13 (2h sword), 11 (brawling)

Reaction Modifiers:

  • -2 Social stigma savage
  • -2 Ugly
  • +2 Sense of duty to adventuring companions
  • +2/-2 Overconfidence: + with young & naive people, - with experienced people


Gender: Female
Age: A grown woman in the prime of her life (whatever corresponds to a human in her 30s or 40s)
Race: Half-Ogre
Height: 6'7'' (2 meters)
Weight: 220 lbs (100 kg)


History: Comes from a small village in a barbarian tribe somewhere in the mountains, grew up in a loving family with lots of sisters, and a mother who was a famous adventurer before she retired. Left home to find adventure and exitement and new friends.

Culture: Imagine a crossover between Hobbiton, Norwegian fairy tales/national romanticism, and viking cliches. In other words: Eat, drink, fight, and be happy, and be kind to strangers (especially if they have their nose caught in a tree stump).

Personality: Cheerful, friendly, and optimistic. Loves fighting (and does occasionally get a bit too caught up in the fun), food, and listening to songs and stories. Never says no to a party. Good team player.

Last will: If I'm killed, and my body can be retrieved for ressurection, please have the clerics check with me if I want to return or not.

If I can't be saved, my comrades on the mission should share my stuff. Any saved cash should be used to pay for a nice ritual, and a big party at The Broken Eagle. Anything left should go to the Survivor's Guild.
Please write to my mother, Skade Ulfrundotter, Undredal, Jotunheim and tell her how I died.


Languages: Common (Native), Orcish (spoken)


High Pain Threshold [10]
Outdoorsman [20]
Trademark move [1]
Striking strength [10]
Tough skin 4 [12]
Fearlessness 1 [2]
Night vision 3 [3]
Combat reflexes [15]
Weapon master (greatsword) [20]


Easy to read [-10]
Chummy [-5]
Gluttony 12 [-5]
Overconfidence 12 [-5]
Bloodlust 12 [-10]
Sense of duty: Adventuring companions [-5]
Appearance ugly [-8]
Social stigma savage [-10]

Convinced woollen socks prevent disease [-1]
Loves fighting, food, and listening to stories & songs [-1]
Names all her weapons [-1]
Writes letters to her mother and sisters every week [-1]
Never says no to a party [-1]

Complete character sheet

For updated character sheet, skills and equipment, see Google Docs character sheet

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