Tyra - 03.1 - Rats in the cellar, bears in the basement

Dear mum, Kari, Ulla, Sol, and all the others - and a big hug to little Ragna!

Thanks for your letter. Congrats to Ragna for killing your first wolf! I guess I'll have to stop calling you baby now.

I've been inside Portstown proper now. It's a pretty town, all regular with square blocks and straigth roads, so if you stand at a crossroads you can see the city walls in all four directions. In a way it's a bit creepy, I like it better when a city feels more like it grew up around people.

I had a really fun job this week. The owner of the Broken Eagle has a cellar which he hasn't used because of rats, and he hired us to clear it out. We were me and Griffith, who I worked with last week, and three other humans: Ragnar, who's pretty strong for a human, a kid who calls himself Red Blade, and Sefni, who's good with locks.

We found and killed a lot of rats, and found that the cellar has entries to sewers which look a lot like those I saw last week — wonder if they are connected? and some tunnels. In a cave we found two bears! I'm pretty sure aunt Hrimgerd would have yelled at me if she'd seen the pelts aftewards, they got several holes and rents. But some of our friends weren't so robust (Sefni had almost gotten killed by a few rats earlier) so I didn't want to take the chance of being too fancy with the kill.

I thought this would be a boring job, and took it only to help out Frank (the owner of The Broken Eagle), but it turned out to have some fun fights and we made a lot of money! That just goes to show that it's good to help people, just like in those stories about Askeladden!

So, this week I can afford a room in an inn. It's nice to sleep in a bed again.

Could you send me Hrimgerd's recipie for that bear in beer-stew? I lost my notebook last spring during that huge flood in Knutsford. We sold the bears to Frank, and he seemed interested in more recipies.

Love, Tyra

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