Tyra - 02.1 - Exploring the sewers

Dear mum, Ulla, Kari, Sol and all the others,

I've just arrived in Portstown, and really like it here. The place is interesting, with lots of people and lots of things going on, and the beer is good. I haven't seen much of the city yet. The city guards are careful with newcomers, so I've spent the first week camping outside, but I'm sure I'll get to see more later. I met another adventurer who was camping, a dwarven cleric named Martos. We talked about famous fights and fighters, and he recommended some places to get great ale which I look forward to checking out.

I've joined a guild for adventurers who want to join forces to help each other. It's just starting out. The founder is a very beatiful elven bard named Vivian.

Yesterday I went into the sewers with Vivian, Martos, and three humans: Griffith (a knight), Brandt (a wizard), and Leon (a swashbuckler). Some of them had explored there last week, and something had killed a friend of theirs, a half ogre scout named Uorag Mazur, so they wanted to avenge him.

The sewers are well built, with lots of bridges and walkways. We also saw a small island with a lot of statues on it. I suppose this place must have been used for something else before, it would be strange to build something like this just to get rid of shit.

We found the troll which had killed Uorag, killed it, and then hauled it up on dry land and burned it so it would stay dead. We also discovered some nasty fish in the sewers, which attacked Leon when he didn't jump quite far enough, and there were some weird flying or jumping leeches which stung a bit. Martos was really helpful, healing us all when we were wounded, and Brandt did some pretty neat slug-killing by using some explosive spell. The fight against the troll went fast — Griffith dealt with it, with a little help from Vivian, while I was still scraping slugs from my face. I had hoped for more of a fight, but I'm sure I'll get more chances later.

While Brandt and Martos were resting, I walked around a bit, and found a trap — well, the trap found me, to be honest. I felt pretty beat up after crawling out from that pile of stone which had been dropped on me, and was grateful for Martos' help.

We found some neat loot: A glowing sword which Vivian was able to sell for a huge pile of money, as well as the bow and armour which had belonged to poor Uorag. The armour fit me, and we got so much money that I could get it as my share. It's a really nice brigandine.

I look forward to seeing more of this place, and making more friends.

I hope you all are well. You can write to me at the Broken Eagle, Portstown — I can pick up letters there.

Love, Tyra

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