Nature: Creature
Class: Mundane (Giant)

First Encountered: 01.1 "(Statues and Slimes)"

Description: Between 9 and 15 feet high, and covered in leeches and with scars from these. Do have some intelligence, but does not seem to be on the same level as the normal races.

Information: Have a nasty healing ability, they can grow back from nearly nothing. This means that a cut up troll will regrow back to several new trolls. The only solution seems to burn every bit left, so that it can't regenerate. A blunt weapon is also recommended.

On level 2, we met three trolls who were working together, and who wore armour and carried spears.

Tips for Killing: Fire works great, stabbing/crushing works well, and cutting them up into lots of little pieces is a nice way to make more trolls.

Usefulness of corpses: Can be made magically edible, but it's still not recommended. In theory you could sell it, but the only people willing to buy troll bits are crazy and crazy people tend to lack cash. Also I would not like to be caught by the towns guard carrying troll bits around.

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