The Red Blade
Attributes Points
Strength (ST) 14 [40]
Dexterity (DX) 15 [100]
Intelligence (IQ) 10 [0]
Health (HT) 13 [30]
Secondary Attributes Points
Hit Points (HP) 14 [0]
Will 10 [0]
Perception (Per) 10 [0]
Fatigue Points (FP) 13 [0]
Total ~170

Nature: Player Character
Player: Kim
User: Kim MadtzogKim Madtzog
XP spent:*48* XP remaining:*21* XP total earned 72


Basic Lift: 39 lbs
Basic Speed: 7.00 []
Basic Move: 7
Damage: Thrust 2d+5 / Swing 1d+4
DR 3(Torso Front) 1(everywhere else)
Dodge: 11
Parry: 15 (Broadsword) 11(dagger)
Block: 0

Reaction Modifiers:

  • None *


Race: Human
Height: 5'9'' (X.XX m)
Weight: 160 lbs (75 kg)
Tall, hides his face behind a red mask(which tells people who he is from a mile away and does nothing to hide is identity). Underneath his mask looks very much his young age.


A kid straight off the farm that believes that he has what it takes to become a HERO! more specifically a famous one called the Red Blade. Real name Tom Joad, but he would never tell you that! Not a very deadly fighter, but his surprising luck means he avoids disaster that his inexperience calls for.

Quick to claim he has a heroic destiny. When faced with real danger is not so sure. Braggadocios, with a hint of miles o'glorious.

Languages: Common (Native).


Combat Reflexes 15pt
Enhanced parry 2 10pt
Weapons Bond(broadsword) 1pt
Weapons Master(broadsword) 20pt
Ridiculous Luck 45pt
Everyone is a critical 15pt
Striking ST 2 10pt


Code of Honor: Outlaw -5pt
Obsession: Fame -10pt
Impulsiveness -10pt
Short Attention span -10pt


Quirks [POINTS]
Refers to himself in third person [-1]
Salutes with his sword after victory [-1]
Secretly ashamed of his humble origins(will not use real name unless desperate) [-1]
Used for starting cash with GMs approval [-1]


DX-Skill Roll Level Points Special
Broadsword 19 15pt +1 Fine Broadsword
Main Gauche 16 4pt
Fast Draw:Knife 16 1pt
Fast Draw:Sword 16 1pt
Fast Draw:Potion DX+0 15 1pt
Acrobatics 15 4pt
Boxing 15 4pt
Jumping 15 1pt
Throw Knife 16 2pt
Streetwise 10 2pt
Gesture 10 1pt
Search IQ-1 9 1pt
Sex Appeal 12 1pt
First Aid 10 1pt
Climbing 14 1pt
Fast Talk IQ-1 9 1pt
Hiking 12 1pt
Tactics IQ-1 9 2pt
Throw DX+0 15 2pt
Writing IQ-1 9 1pt
Weapon Damage Reach Parry Notes Cost Weight
Fine Broadsword 1d+5 1 0U Fine +1 weaponskill 3000 3
Broadsword 1d+4 1 Ou Left Behind with surplus gear 600 3(n)
Dagger 1d-1 e 0f (1) 20 0,25
Silver Dagger 1d-1 c 0f (1) 360 0,25
Long Knife 1d-1 120 0,25
Total 4100 3,75
Armor Covering DR Cost Weight Special
Cloth Suit Body 1 150 7,8
Mask Face 1 13 0 RED!
Belt Waist na 15 0,5 In Tavern
Potions Belt waist na 60 1
Lightly Segmented Breastplate Front 3 315 8,7
Equipment Cost Weight Special
Healing Potion 120 0,5 2
Group Basics 50 20 In Tavern
1 Man Tent 50 5 In Tavern
Rations 6 12 3 3 In Tavern
Quick Backpack(40lb) 300 Release is a free action

Gold as of Last session:
5905$ Copper
3500 Given to guild.
2405 available for use


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