Swift Blackstrike, Red Ninja
Attributes Points
Strength (ST) 11 [10]
Dexterity (DX) 16 [120]
Intelligence (IQ) 10 [0]
Health (HT) 12 [20]
Secondary Attributes Points
Hit Points (HP) 11 [0]
Will 11 [5]
Perception (Per) 10 [0]
Fatigue Points (FP) 12 [0]
Total 155

Nature: Player Character
User: Example Character
Profession: Martial Artist
XP spent: 20


Basic Lift: 24 lbs
Basic Speed: 7.00 [0]
Basic Move: 8 [5]
Damage: Thrust 1d+1 / Swing 2d+1

Dodge: 10
Parry: 11 (Flails), 11 (Ninja Sword), 12 (Parry missile weapons with Nunchucks)

Reaction Modifiers:



Gender: Concealed
Age: Concealed
Race: Concealed
Height: 5'4'' (1.63 m)
Weight: 140 lbs (64 kg)
Appearance: Covered with black cloth


A mystery wrapped in an enigma.


Languages: Common (Native).


Chi Talent 2 [30]
Dragon Skin [5]: +2 Damage Resistance
Mantis Strike [9]: +2 Striking ST
Seven Secret Kicks [7]: +1 damage with kicks
Striking ST 2 [10]: +2 Striking ST
Spider Climb [18]: Climb walls or ceilings at 4 yd/sec
Trained by a Master [30]
Weapon Bond [1]: Dwarven Nunchucks
+500 starting cash [11]


Callous [-5]
Disciplines of Faith (Chi Rituals) [-10]
No Sense of Humor [-10]
Sense of Duty (Adventuring Companions) [-5]
Social Stigma (Minority Group) [-10]
Vow (Silence) [-10]

QUIRK: Follows the strange code of the ninja, which seems to demand that you do exactly what you were going to do anyway [-1]
QUIRK: Tends to disappear whenever there is noone looking, even in the middle of conversations. Especially in the middle of conversations. [-1]
QUIRK: You're the only sane Adventurer in the world, and are resigned to accept the antics of your companions. So you think anyway. [-1]
QUIRK: Wears only blacks and dark grays, except for a red bandana. [-1]
QUIRK: Secretive to a fault. [-1]


DX-Skill Roll Level Points
Acrobatics 15 DX-1 [2]
Body Control 12 HT [2]
Blind Fighting 10 Per [2]
Breath Control 13 HT+1 [2]
Climbing 15 DX-1 [1]
Fast-Draw (Knife)2 16 DX [1]
Flail 17 DX+1 [8]
Gesture 11 IQ+1 [23]
Judo 15 DX-1 [2]
Jumping 16 DX [1]
Karate 17 DX+1 [8]
Light Walk 17 DX+1 [2]
Meditation 10 Will-1 [2]
Mind Block 13 Will+1 [2]
Parry Missile Weapons 17 DX+1 [2]
Push 17 DX+1 [2]
Shortsword 17 DX+1 [4]
Stealth 17* DX+1 [44]
Tactics 10 IQ [4]
Thrown Weapon (Shuriken) 16 DX+1 [1]

(*) +2 vs Vision in dungeons, +1 (and half the MoS on Light Walk) vs. Hearing


Item Location Cost Weight
Ninja Outfit5 Worn $240 2 lbs
Dwarven Nunchucks6 Hands $100 2 lbs
Ninja Sword7 Belt $120 1.5 lbs
Wrapped White Cloth8 Hands, Feet $67 5.2 lbs
Cloth Mask and Hood9 Skull, Face $53 4.2 lbs
Cloth Vest10 Body $53 6.3 lbs
Ninja Slippers Feet $100 0.5 lbs
Pouch Belt $10 0.2 lbs
Sheet of paper with common phrases Pouch $1 0.05 lbs
4 Fine Spike Shurikens Pouch $36 0.4 lbs
5 Fine Star Shurikens Pouch $45 0.5 lbs
2 Smoke Bombs11 Pouch $80 0.4 lbs
1 Flash Bomb12 Pouch $40 0.2 lbs
2 Silver Eagle, 5 Copper Dollars Pouch $45 0.14 lbs
Face Paint (10 uses) Pouch $10 0.2 lbs
Total $1,000 23.79 lbs


In combat, you do best against enemies that focus on blocking or parrying. You are a swashbucklers worst nightmare. You are a bit too frail to hold the line beside your armored comrades, but more able to withstand attacks than a thief or wizard. Outside of combat, your stealthiness and ability to climb just about anything makes you a decent scout. Social Encounters are your biggest weakness, since you never make a sound so can only communicate via gestures or your sheet with common phases.

Armor: DR 4 on Skull, Face, Hands, and Feet, DR 3 on Neck, Torso, Vitals, and Groin, DR 2 on Legs and Arms.

Nunchucks (18): 2d+2 cr, Reach 1, Parry 11. Enemies have -2 to block and -4 to parry this attack. Fencing weapons and knives simply cannot parry against you.
Ninja Sword Slash (16): 2d+1 cut, Reach 1, Parry 11.
Ninja Sword Thrust (16): 1d+1 imp, Reach C,1, Parry 11.
Star Shuriken (16): 1d+1 cut, Acc 1, Range 6/13
Spike Shuriken (16): 1d imp, Acc 1, Range 6/13
Karate Strike (17): 1d+313 cr, Reach C, Parry 10. +3 to parry from retreating; a failed parry means the enemy can choose to hit the limb you parried with instead.
Karate Kick (17): 1d+514 cr, Reach C, Parry NA
Judo (15) Parry 10, +3 to parry from retreating; a failed parry means the enemy can choose to hit the limb you parried with instead. A successful parry lets you throw your opponent on your next turn if they are within one hex and have ST under 23 (this counts as an attack). Roll versus Judo, they can defend normally. If you hit, they are knocked prone.

You have a lot of different attack options, but your best bet is usually a rapid strike with your Nunchucks (attack twice, hitting on 15 or less, and rather hard to defend against).

Whenever you roll stealth to avoid being heard, roll Light Walk first and add half your margin of success to the stealth roll. Very useful if sneaking ahead. Combine with Spider Climb to crawl along the ceiling (very few people remember to look up).

Push lets you blast enemies back with your chi. Roll Push to hit your foe, who may defend as normal. If you hit, you deal 3d-1 doubled in knockback. this does no damage, but will knock the average human back 2 or 3 yards.

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