Survivor's Guild

Nature: Organization
Type: Guild
Guild Leader: Vivian Nightsong

A guild that is still in the process of forming. Dedicated to working together to make exploration of the dungeon relatively safe, so that we can be around when we get down to the really good stuff.

Members: (add the tag "survivor" to your character to show up here)

Membership Requirements:

  • Members are required to act honourably whenever acting on behalf of the guild.
  • Members may not take jobs of a reprehensive nature; such as exploitation, murder, etc.
  • Members are required to help fellow Guild members when those have been cheated, stolen from or otherwise wronged.
  • Members are encouraged to use abilities or talents they may have for the good of other guild members.

Membership Benefits:

  • Members will receive help from the guild should something happen to them - they are no longer a lone adventurer that is easy to cross but have a guild at their back.
  • Members will benefit from the reputation of the guild, making them more trustworthy to potential employers looking for somebody to send into the depths
  • Borrow the guild's equipment free of charge
  • Anything guild members offer.

Worth 2 gold, 337 copper total

  • 1 net (40 copper)
  • 1 mallet (15 copper)
  • 12 spikes (12 copper)
  • 40 yards of rope (20 copper)
  • Dwarven whetstone (1 gold+ 100 copper)
  • Uncharged Wizard Scroll: Stone to Flesh (200)[on Ethon Brandt]
  • 1 Twenty Man tent
  • Dragonhide mask with DR 3 (5 vs Fire) worth 450gp. Donated posthumously by a firemage.


Main guild fund (owned by the guild): can be found in the spreadsheet

Collective saving (owned by members, managed by the guild):
Guild member Amount contributed Amount used Target
Sum+Gear 154135 119833 Balance:34302
Vivian Nightsong 18000 12665 Clamshell Breastplate (BOUGHT 4025), Wizard Staff of Air Jet (BOUGHT 5440), Cursed Mobile (3200), Ironskin Amulet (28720)
Lentor 37300 37300 Resurrection (10000$-15000$)1;Balanced Elven Longbow (BOUGHT 3780); "The last straw" Penetrating Very Fine Long Knife (BOUGHT 7400); Ghostweapon Katar (BOUGHT 7400); Heavy Mail of Weightlessness (BOUGHT 13720); Goggles of Infravision (BOUGHT 5000)
Griffith van der Meer 7500 2990 Some kinda plate armor, (7750 to 13000, Pref spiked so x 3)
Magister Brandt 29995 30008 Fine Giant-Spider Silk Cloth Armor (BOUGHT 16350), Fine Heavy Leather Body with +2 Fortify (BOUGHT 2980), Resurrection (BOUGHT 724), Lich Staff (BOUGHT 10 000)
Ragnar Oxhauler 5000 0 ?
The Red Blade 7540 7540 Elven Chainmail (DR5) Body armor bought. Loan Repaid
William Greymane 33000 21530 Plate Suit(Bought 7750/sold to buy upgrade) Clothing with fortify+2( Bought 4120) Large fine Dwarven Shield with Lighten-0,25%(Bought 3260) Epic Plate suit with Lighten 0,25%(Bought 14400) Heavy Cloth suit with Lighten 0,25(Bought 2465) Bastard Sword Dwarven Silver Coated Shatterproof Penetreating (18250)
Tyra Skadedotter 7800 7800 Black smokin' hot armour (BOUGHT 7300). Partial payment for resurrection (500)
Valor Ironblood 8000 0 Spider silk (if available) armor of Deflection ($25000, but 15150 if not made of spider silk)

Dungeon Preparation:

  • The guild owns 3 Dwarven Whetstone. Every group can take one to the dungeon and sharpen their weapons after every fight (it adds +1 damage to the first attack with that weapon).

Financial Offers:
(offered by Vivian Nightsong and/or the main Guild Fund)

  • Selling items through the Survivor's Guild
  • Any profit from the offer above will go into a guild fund, which will allow more offers to guild members in the future. The exact nature of these is to be determined, but some ideas are coverage of weekly costs during unfortunate trips down below, buying of collective equipment and items for use in expedition and purchase of guild housing to hopefully lower weekly costs (by no longer needing to live in an expensive inn).
  • Collective saving. If you find yourself in possession of more money than you need right now, you can entrust it to the guild, along with a note as to what you are saving up for. The guild will then buy items once everybody who participates in this collectively has saved enough, which is a lot faster for the first items. Individually, it should mean that you get your stuff no later than you would have otherwise and probably even quicker. But even if not, your companions will get their more powerful equipment quicker, so you benefit from a stronger party either way. If this is confusing, talk to Vivian Nightsong.
  • Help purchasing elven and dwarven gear.
  • Funding an expedition. The guild with provide items needed, as well as help with acquiring these. In exchange, the guild will ask for one share of the profit (assuming each adventurer in the party gets one share). Any items of those provided which are still left at the end of the expedition shall go back to the guild. This offer depends on whether the items asked for are reasonable; this will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Q: How is it determined who gets their item first? (everyone will get theirs eventually but there has to be some sort of order) Maybe people who pay in more get priority?
A: Ideally based on usefulness to the group as a whole. Though that may not always be easy to determine. Also, people's wishes will be taken into account. Vivian, for instance, would be much happier having people with better weapons and armour fight alongside her get own purchases early.

Q: Will there be a membership fee or something similar to ensure that everyone keeps paying into the item fund or is this covered by the profit the guild makes from selling loot?
A: As intended so far, the guild funds and the collective savings fund will be separate. The guild fund belongs to the guild, and will be used for the guild in general - see above for possible uses. The savings fund belongs to the adventurers, but is handled by the guild. There will probably be a requirement to pay in extra money if you already got your item (since you then owe money to the collective savings fund), but otherwise you are free not to participate in the collective saving. It's just encouraged since it helps everybody.

Q: What is the hierarchy or is everyone equal?
A: Vivian will be guild leader, as the one who founded the guild and in order to have somebody who can make final judgements when arguments drag on. But the intention is that anybody who wants to spend the time getting involved can shape guild policy. Everybody else is equal for now; we will see if there is a need for other roles in the guild eventually.

Q: Do I join by just adding my character name to the membership list?
A: You join in character on Wednesday, after which you can add the tag "survivor" to your character page and it should show up in the membership list.

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