The Story thus Far
Table of Contents

Some two or three thousand years ago

The dwarven city of Imdeb-Anil was thought lost to eternity when an angry god decided to drop a mountain on it. Adventurers searched for it anyways, of course, initially with the goal of rescuing any survivors and later with the goal of rescuing the vast wealth of the city. But for millennia, Godsrage Mountain has hidden Imdeb-Anil from the world.

Some two or three years ago

The town of Portstown is settled at the foot of Godsrage Mountain, by imperial decree.

Some two or three months ago

Apparently, ancient dwarven artifacts have been found in caves around Portstown. They might be unrelated. Heck, it might well be another hoax. But adventurers are flocking to the area anyways, hoping to find a way down into the mountain to see what lies below. And to loot it. Thoroughly.

Overview of XP and loot gained

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22 August, 2018

01.1 Statues and Slimes

GM: Magnus
Players: Griffith van der Meer, Vivian Nightsong, Mazur, Moss Galden, Gwelsh Longbeard, Magister Ethon Brandt
Quick notes: Mazur died
Journal: Brandt

01.2 Gorillas and Jellies

GM: Torstein
Players: William Graymane, Sinarsin, Erog, Sorvahr, Saval
Quick notes: The west passage from the southern cave entrance was explored, flesh-eating apes were dispatched and the explorers found a more built tunnel heading straight west next to a bit of unstable ground. It had (and presumably still has) a monstrous Jelly with several gold coins stuck inside.

01.3 Bats and Cauldrons

GM: Torgeir
Players: Lentor, La'Taheh'Ma, Gliyr Gorinsson, Seral Bloodroot, Martos Silverbeard, The Red Blade
Quick notes: A cave not far from town. Contained a colony of man-sized bats. Someone/something also had a cauldron of stuff set up in there.
Journal: Lentor

29 August, 2018

02.1 Revenge of the Bard

GM: Magnus
Players: Griffith van der Meer, Ethon Brandt, Martos Silverbeard, Tyra Skadedotter, Vivian Nightsong, Léon Fiore (played by Gjermund)
Quick notes: The Bard gets her revenge, and has avenged the Half-Ogre Scout Mazur's death by the Troll under a bridge in the Sewers. A Sword of Glowing is found, and subsequently sold away.
Journal: Brandt, Tyra

02.2 Death to the gelatinous cube!

GM: Torstein
Players: Lentor, Sorvahr, Sinarsin, Human Cleric, William Graymane
Quick notes: The gelatinous cube is dead and so are other critters living in the cave, including a pair of giant slugs, a pair of cloaker, and a colony of foul bats. 2 entrances to the sewers were found and a place where a town portal could be set up.
Journal: Lentor

02.3 Wolves in the Batcave

GM: Torgeir
Players: La'Taheh'Ma, Gliyr Gorinsson, Gnomb the Plumb, Erog, Jarn Bronzebough
Quick notes: Batcaves. 1 week later. A pack of abnormally large wolves have set up camp near where the colony of giant bats were eradicated and left to rot. With much work, most of the wolves were slain, and the remainder scattered.
Journal: Gnomb

5 September, 2018

03.1 Professional Pest Control

GM: Magnus
Players: Griffith van der Meer, Tyra Skadedotter, Ragnar Oxhauler (Tommi), The Red Blade, Cefni Gettings (Gjermund)
Quick notes: A minor job for The Broken Eagle turns into exploration of dwarwen sewers and other tunnels. And The Broken Eagle's dinner menu will consist of bear steak, bear stew, and bear burger for the next few weeks.
Journal: Griffith, Tyra

03.2 How to burn garbage properly

GM: Torstein
Players: La'Taheh'Ma, Gliyr Gorinsson, Gnomb the Plumb, Erog, Jarn Bronzebough, Ethon Brandt
Quick notes: Plan: Explore the tunnels close to the sewer entrance. Reality: Went deep into the sewers in search of loot, and disturbed a rat nest. The rats are everywhere now. The remains (bones) of an unknown gnome was also recovered.
Journal: Brandt

03.3 The corpse pile

GM: Torgeir
Players: Lentor, Martos Silverbeard, Vivian Nightsong, William Greymane, Sinarsin
Quick notes:fought a cave troll, found a pile of corpses, evaded a swarm of foul bats and fought swarms of normal bats

12 September, 2018

04.1 Bear with me here

Players: Lentor, William Greymane, Sinarsin, Human Cleric, Sorvahr, Halfling Thief
Quick notes: Went back to loot and burn the diseased corpse pile and fought a big bear guarding a hole leading deeper into the dungeon.
Journal: Lentor

04.2 The Bridge Under the Troll

GM: Torstein
Players: Ragnar Oxhauler (Tommi), Gliyr Gorinsson, La'Taheh'Ma, Vivian Nightsong, Ethon Brandt, Jarn Bronzebough
Quick notes: The Troll returns. The large god statues in the sewers are examined in more detail, finding them all to be somewhat heretical, and the sewers in general are explored slightly more.
Journal: Brandt

04.3 Spiders and stone man

GM: Torgeir
Players: Gnomb the Plumb, Martos Silverbeard, Tyra Skadedotter, Cefni Gettings (Gjermund), Llandor the Grey (Emil), Argua (Mika), Griffith van der Meer (Sigve)
Quick notes: We found a room with spiders (and a previously unlucky adventurer), a cave with a stone construct (with ruby eyes), and a secret door to a big room.

19 September, 2018

05.1 A Hole in the Ground

GM: Magnus
Players: Lentor, Human Cleric, Sorvahr, La'Taheh'Ma, Llandor the Grey (Emil), Argua (Mika)
Quick notes: After some starting difficulties we managed to climb down the hole. At the bottom we fought some rock mites and discovered the lost dwarven city. There is a no mana zone about half way down the hole so no flying down
Journal: Lentor

05.2 Two Towers (aka On the Road)

GM: Torgeir
Players: Sinarsin, Ragnar Oxhauler (Tommi), Gliyr Gorinsson, Ethon Brandt, William Greymane
Quick notes: The military has organized a group of eight people1 (and a mule) to clean up the road to the capital. Biggest event here is that the group encountered a fortified bridge, in some disrepair, taken over by orcs and goblin-kin.
Journal: Brandt

05.3 Everything and more

GM: Sigurd
Players: Martos Silverbeard, Cefni Gettings (Gjermund), Griffith van der Meer (Sigve), The Red Blade, Vivian Nightsong
Quick notes: A secret room was found, epic loot recovered, a thieves guild hideout was plundered, an active waypoint used, the connection between the sewers and the Broken Eagle was mapped and in an epic quest to retrieve the elf's plank, the giant albino alligator was slain. Alas, the plank was lost in the process.

26 September, 2018

06.1 Hole in One

GM: Magnus
Players: Lentor, Griffith van der Meer, Sorvahr, Martos Silverbeard, Cefni Gettings
Quick notes: Went to install the elevator. Fought some monsters and found a magic shield. The thief threw 2 dire wolf down the hole. In the end the elevator was installed successfully.

06.2 The Lizards (aka On the Road Again)

GM: Torgeir
Players: Ragnar Oxhauler (Tommi), William Greymane, Gliyr Gorinsson, Sinarsin, Ethon Brandt
Quick notes: The bridge is repaired, and the fellowship pushes onwards. Griffons are identified as a threat to lone travelers, but their lair is too far from the road to bother with. A desecrated waypoint is found, with some lizardfolk preforming a dubious rite. They are summarily dispatched, at the cost of one wizard-leg, and the waypoint reconsecrated.
Journal: Brandt

06.3 -name-

GM: Torstein
Players: Jarn Bronzebough and some others I can't recall
Quick notes: We explored south of the broken eagles basement, found a secret room with controls for the sewage system, another secret room with a bit of loot inside and 3 other rooms. We also fought some kind of undead elf who was rather hard to kill, and a troll that wasn't.

3 October, 2018

07.1 Pretty Lion Unicorn Thing

GM: Magnus
Players: Lentor, Calidien Syrion, Tyra Skadedotter, Griffith van der Meer, Ias Barakos (Sander), Cefni Gettings (Gjermund)
Quick notes: Stumbled upon (and killed) a pretty unicorn-lion-thing in the entrance cave, then went down to the dwarwen city and explored a bit more. Found a nice site to place a waypoint. Someone had broken the lock to the elevator and used it.

07.2 There and Back Again

GM: Torgeir
Players: Ragnar Oxhauler (Tommi), Ethon Brandt, Gliyr Gorinsson, William Greymane, Sinarsin
Quick notes: Some ambushers are scared off, and the fellowship reaches the final shrine of the journey. The dragon who made it's lair there is dispatched, and thoroughly looted. The fellowship then finally reaches the capital.
Journal: Brandt

07.3 The Cave of Marginal Profits

GM: Torstein
Players: Valor Ironblood (Sigurd), Vivian Nightsong (Felix), The Red Blade (Kim), Martos Silverbeard (Martin), Ivan, Lars
Quick notes: Past the bat cave, a large cave full of traps and two bugbears was found. Most of the traps were disarmed, but one clearly marked tripwire remains by the eastern entrance. To the South-East, through a mostly collapsed passage, a cave full of stalactites was found - some of them were hollow and contained treasure! Foul bats attacked and temporarily crippled Vivians arm. Back in the bugbear cave, two exits to the west were briefly scouted - South-west had a large cave with an owlbear, North-west had a large cave with "unnatural" roots.

10 October, 2018

08.1 Operation: Waypoint

GM: Magnus
Players: Ethon Brandt, Swift Blackstrike, William Greymane, Calidien Syrion, Gliyr Gorinsson
Quick notes: Despite assults by dwarven zombies (who are then cremated) and a group of goblins, led by a shaman, the new waypoint is installed.

08.2 Connecting the Dots (and slaying zombies)

GM: Torstein
Players: Anri Gatou (Torgeir), Martos Silverbeard, Vivian Nightsong, Ragnar Oxhauler (Tommi), Tyra Skadedotter
Quick notes: We've found (and then closed) a way from the Broken Eagle cellar to the cave of marginal profit, so all level 1 maps can now be combined to one map. We've also found (and boarded up) a stairway going downwards, with a seemingly endless supply of zombies.

08.3 "Are we the baddies?"

GM: Sigurd
Players: Griffith van der Meer, Lentor, (Sander), Sinarsin, Cefni Gettings (Gjermund)
Quick notes: Slayed a big, rocky spider, explored a couple of large rooms, avoided a presumed goblin ambush, and discovered a village(?) of tiny people. The pygmies were terrorized into paying them tribute.

17 October, 2018

09.1 Bewildering Basins

GM: Magnus
Players: Gliyr Gorinsson, Lentor, Griffith van der Meer, Swift Blackstrike, Cefni Gettings (Gjermund), Valor Ironblood
Quick notes: Group heads south from the new waypont. An enchanted silver basin (that draws fluids out of anyone that touches it) and a solid marble basin (possibly haunted by a ghost, possibly not) is brought back to Portstown and sold (the former to the church). An angry ghost may now be roaming the dwarven halls. Caution is advised.

09.2 Mapmaking for Fun and Profit

GM: Torstein
Players: Argua (Mika), Kikhtar Tavakoni (Emil), Tyra Skadedotter, Martos Silverbeard, Vivian Nightsong, The Red Blade
Quick notes: We re-map the contested area, and find some nice armour left by former adventurers. After some fiddling with drainage levers, we also find another staircase going down.
There may be some additional loot left by the skeleton in the four-basin area in the south-west — when it was flooded, we only saw the armour, and we didn't return after we drained it.

09.3 Pent-up Zombies

GM: Torgeir
Players: Ethon Brandt, William Greymane, (Sander), Ragnar Oxhauler (Tommi), Sinarsin
Quick notes: The end of the stairwell is reached, and the group discovers a statue of a lich. The same statue is acting as a lure for all zombies, and then pointing them up towards the stairwell. With some clever use of pentagrams to block off the supply, the group managed to break the statue and all the different types of zombies inside the initial room. Afterwards the group discovered three adjacent rooms: one which have not been looted, one that had a wooden floor with zombie-wide holes and lastly a room with a new corridor not yet explored.

24 October, 2018

10.1 Between a Rock and a Goblin Place

GM: Magnus
Players: The Red Blade, Lentor, Cefni Gettings (Gjermund), Gliyr Gorinsson, Swift Blackstrike, William Greymane
Quick notes: Party sets out searching for goblins in the dwarven city. Finds a bunch of rocks, and a dead half-elf anarchist2. Eventually locates the goblin fortifications, but are forced to withdraw from repeat magical bombardment and fog.

10.2 Crypt Exploration

GM: Sigurd
Players: Ethon Brandt, Sinarsin, Martos Silverbeard, Griffith van der Meer
Quick notes: Loot was found, zombies avoided, and coffins opened in search of rumored ancient dwarven burial texts.

10.3 Deadly Mushrooms

GM: Torgeir
Quick notes: Calidien Syrion and an example character tragically died

31 October, 2018

11.1 Goblin Slayers?

GM: Magnus
Players: Gliyr Gorinsson, Sinarsin, Ethon Brandt, Eos, Lentor, William Greymane
Quick notes: Party sets out to fight goblins. Goblins are slightly fought, then the topic of peace arises from out of nowhere. Much is learned of the goblins. A quest is gained from the goblin elder. In trying to do said quest the group accidentally runs into a small group of "heretic" goblins, and slightly more is learned. We apologise in turn to both groups. Somewhere nearby lies a hidden chamber containing a dark emissary from the Necromancer!

11.2 Water Fight!

GM: Torgeir
Players: The Red Blade, Vivian Nightsong, Cefni Gettings, Tyra Skadedotter
Quick notes: While exploring the north west corner of level 1, we run into a couple of water elementals with slime and leeches. The fight is long and hard, but we prevail despite being a small group (just four adventurers3) and cleric-less.

11.3 Crypt Continued

GM: Sigurd
Players: Griffith van der Meer, ??? Barbarian, Swift Blackstrike?, Martos Silverbeard, Benjamin Pott
Quick notes: Exploring deeper into the crypt, we found more undead, less loot, and that a Holy warrior can have a hard time walking away from fighting undead. It is unknown if he is now in enormous debt or just needs to go back next session. Further options for next session: Deal with the Horrid skull behind the vault door (appears to have a lot of vault door exits so could be a crossroads of some kind). Deal with whatever is in the sarcophagus (could be a boss with a lot of minions, or nothing at all..). Sneak past the sarcophagus and explore further.
Also of note: The pentagrams in the staircase room had been deliberately destroyed, except the one to the collapsing room, which had been marked with a skull and some femurs.

8 November, 2018

12.1 Solving Murder or Getting New House?

GM: Magnus
Players: Vivian Nightsong, Sinarsin, Griffith van der Meer, Ethon Brandt
Quick notes: A guild tabard is decided (checker-pattern with lilac and green), the Survivors Guild acquire acquaintances in the different other guilds in town, and we finally manage to get a guild house from the Trade Guild. Nightsong is apparently a good target for a robbery, Sinarsin likes leaving men crying on the floor, Griffith is good at jogging in circles around the Plaza and Brandt should probably be cautious in the future of people flirting with him. Especially when they turn into a Werecat and try to assassinate Nightsong.

12.2 Cowards hardly make a profit

GM: Torgeir
Players:The Red Blade, Pregen Barbarian, Cat Knight, Martos Silverbeard, Cefni Gettings
Quick notes: Digging up a hole on level 1 uncovers a winding pipe down to level 2, arriving in a goblin "village" with 2 huts and 10-15 shabby goblins. The lone explorer (Cefni) climbs back up, and decides it's too dangerous to go down there again (coward). (Martos being not so good at climbing also makes it hazardous.) We then decide to go clear the rat lair on level 1, but after looking at them for half an hour without coming up with any practical approach to handling it, leave to explore more of level 1. We kill some snakes and leeches, then flee from a horde of foul bats and bat swarms (out of time)..

12.3 Undead Smurf Pygmy Stomping Party!

GM: Sigurd
Players: Gliyr Gorinsson, Swift Blackstrike, Lentor, William Greymane, Benjamin Pott
Quick notes: Group sets out to kill "the Emissary" of "the Necromancer". After much wading through undead pygmy hordes the group is eventually successful, and retrieves it's rune-covered skull. Loot includes a really fancy staff.

14 November, 2018

13.1 Goblin Diplomacy

GM: Magnus
Players: Gliyr Gorinsson, Lentor, Swift Blackstrike, William Greymane, Vivian Nightsong
Quick notes: The runecovered skull of "the Emissary" is shown to the goblin elder, and dried fish is traded for a selection of baubles and information on the dungeon. Some more of the north-west of the dwarven city is also explored.

13.2 Spiders and everything.

GM: Sigurd
Players: Tyra Skadedotter (Hilde), Kikhtar Tavakoni (Emil), Havr-Elm (Gjermund), Sinarsin (Henrik)
Quick notes: The western parts of floor 1 was explored and exploration of the eastern parts of floor 2 begun. Several spider nests were removed, and a pygmy colony destroyed. (Note: If you burn out a room filled with spider webs, you also destroy any ordinary cloth stored there (but not spider silk cloth).) Several narrow, winding passages and a room containing a coffin with a ghost leisurely sweeping with a broom are still left untouched. Lastly, a corridor filled with mold and rock mites was cleared. (Watch out for such corridors in the future, the mold releases spores when disturbed, which the rock mites are immune to). The path beyond this corridor was barricaded, and due to time constraints we could only catch a quick glance at a colorful, unmoving, humanoid figure stood in the open cave beyond.
tl;dr Spiders suck at stealth.

13.3 Cursed Sarcophagus

GM: Torgeir
Players: The Red Blade, Benjamin Pott, Martos Silverbeard, Ethon Brandt, Griffith van der Meer
Quick notes: The groups prepare to open the sarcophagus. They fail, but kill off all the skeletons in the area. A Silence spell saves the day.

21 November, 2018

14.1 Green Grenadiers

GM: Magnus
Players: Gliyr Gorinsson, Swift Blackstrike, Benjamin Pott, Tyra Skadedotter
Quick notes: Some of the western parts of dwarf town are explored. An underground greenhouse is found, and several grenade-throwing trolls dispatched.

14.2 "The Last Straw"

GM: Sigurd
Players: Lentor, William Greymane, Kikhtar Tavakoni, Argua , Havr-Elm, Sinarsin
Quick notes: We fought the rainbow man. It was the 3m tall stone guardian the goblins told us about. After killing him we found a magical long knife "The Last Straw". Then we explored the first room of lvl 3 where we fought a couple of orcs. Turns out they have a tribe down there and are at war with the undead (and everything else). After seeing a big undead force moving in our direction we left lvl 3 and explored some more on lvl 2.

14.3 Cursed Sarchophagus II:Curse Harder

GM: Torstein
Players: Ari the Unburnt, Vivian Nightsong, The Red Blade, Ragnar Oxhauler(Tommi)
Quick notes: The explorers find a magical ring.

28 November, 2018

15.1 Delving Deeper

GM: Magnus
Players: Tyra Skadedotter, Gliyr Gorinsson, Swift Blackstrike, Benjamin Pott, William Greymane
Quick notes: An attempt is made at exploring the newly uncovered level of the dwarven city. The party takes down a large patrol of suspiciously clever skeleton warriors, backed up by three rune-covered skeletons casting necromantic spells. Some more explorations is done northwards, but with time and resources running low the party decides to return to town, evading a group of orc zombies that were about to trigger a rock trap with a necromantic swarm hidden in it.

15.2 The Spectre and the Dwarven Crystal Skull It Possessed

GM: Torstein
Players: Ziggy Blackheart, Vivian Nightsong, Valor Ironblood, Ethon Brandt, Ragnar Oxhauler (Tommi)
Quick notes: The Dwarven Crypt is revisited. A room of with a crystal skull with a beard, obviously a dwarf, on a pedestal is found near the room with the sarcophagus from the last weeks. Not wanting to remove the skull from the pedestal, the group used a cheesy Shape Earth spell to just tear out the entire installation instead, which we carried out and hid in the sarcophagus. The possessive spectre did not like out plan, but the Ghostbusters prevailed nonetheless. We also found a second room with a new sarcophagus, which we filled with water, and then we ran away when the wall-skeletons heard us. Some paths have been closed off with Shape Earth, but all of these are marked by the Wizard's hand. We retrieved the skull on the way back.

15.3 -name-

GM: Torgeir
Quick notes:

5 December, 2018

16.1 Heart of Igyn

GM: Magnus
Players: Ziggy Blackheart, The Red Blade, Swift Blackstrike, Ethon Brandt
Quick notes: The group ventures to Level 3 to cross the bridge on the southern parts. They fight a simple stone elemental on the way, and then another elemental, this time air/lightning, when they cross the bridge. Walk on Air proves to be valuable, when the bridge is unstable and are over a giant chasm.

The orcs are sadly keeping the other side closed off, and are warning the group that they consider everything further south in the chasm their territory. The group therefore explores the giant chasm further north, discovering a illusory bridge and a vault on their side. Inside they find a purple skull, which after some levitation and poking seems to produce spores that makes people feared. Some of the party seems scared by these experience, so the rest of the group carries the cloud-producing object to a better place where they destroy it. Inside they find the Heart of Igyn.

16.2 Gargoyle Diplomacy

GM: Torstein
Players: Lentor, Vivian Nightsong, Gliyr Gorinsson, a cat?, Havr-Elm
Quick notes: The party establishes a working relationship with a group of gargoyles living on level two of the dungeon. It also turns out that dungeon doors are reasonably tasty. Someone's acid bomb operation is also shut down.

16.3 Cat on Fire

GM: Sigurd
Players: Benjamin Pott, William Greymane, Ari the Unburnt(?), and a Cleric if Idotl.
Quick notes: We explored deeper into the undead territory, cleared two rooms of undead all the way towards the bridges. Sadly our sorceror supreme, the fire-wizard was slain by a zombie knocking him out, causing him to lose control over his explosive fireball, which then killed him. This also caused us to be unable to map our progress into the dungeon as he was the only one who could draw a map.

13 December, 2018


GM: Magnus
Quick notes:

17.2 We Respond in Kind

GM: Sigurd
Players: Ragnar Oxhauler (Torstein), Kikhtar Tavakoni, Vivian Nightsong, Gliyr Gorinsson, Ethon Brandt
Quick notes: The Goblins break their deal. Or we broke the deal last time when we killed their spiders. We let some of them go, in good faith, while executing the shaman who gave the guards the order to attack us. The goblins are revealed to be colorblind. The gargoyles will help, if the parley next week fails. They get a message that we will Respond in Kind.

17.3 Did We Err?

GM: Torgeir
Players: Tyra Skadedotter, Benjamin Pott, Havr-Elm, Ziggy Blackheart
Quick notes: Went back to a previously explored crypt with a vampire and lots of piles of coffins with skeletons, and decided to take them on without (in hindsight) a good plan or enough firepower. Tyra was mentally stunned by a curse for four seconds, and (despite various help from her fellow adventurers) a bunch of skeletons finished killing her just as she recovered from the stun.
Tyra's corpse was recovered and we set aside her share of the profits (2544$) to help pay for a resurrection.

9 January, 2019

18.1 A Prelude to War

GM: Magnus
Players: Gliyr Gorinsson, Kikhtar Tavakoni, Vivian Nightsong, Tyra Skadedotter, a human
Quick notes: Discovered that the three dead humans found strung up by goblins last week where trying to set up shady drug deals. They were part of a group (of previously 8) called the Seekers. We made sure the gargoyles are in if it comes to a full assault on the main goblinhold. The goblins have expanded. Peaceful relations (finally) established with the outcast goblins, who are confirmed to follow Iasis. They seem okay with a holy war.
Alternately, their spies in the main goblin hold has good info on the situation there, including the many heirs of the elderly Elder whose death they're all waiting for. They just can't decide who's next in line.

18.2 Note of Eviction

GM: Torstein
Players: Benjamin Pott, Havr-Elm, Ziggy Blackheart, Griffith van der Meer, and a druid.
Quick notes: We ventured even deeper into the crypts, took out a few vampires, some special undead with black belts, and of course zombies and skeletons. We also found a hidden room that seemed to belong to a vampire and looted it thoroughly. We also posted an eviction notice informing the undead living there that they have one week to vacate the premises.

18.3 Kiteberus – The Three-Headed Cat

GM: Sigurd
Players: Eos, Sinarsin, William Greymane, Ethon Brandt, Lentor, The Red Blade
Quick notes: The waypoint is installed. The hallway between the waypoint and the bridge to the chasm is closed off with solid stone. A gelatinous cube is skipped with some orc bait, and afterwards the group discovers a group of orcs and a kitty further in the new corridors. We "adopt" the strange cat. We also find a named sword inside a slime even further in.

16 January, 2019

19.1 The War of Liberation

GM: Magnus
Players: Gliyr Gorinsson, Gorg the shanker, Ethon Brandt, Vivian Nightsong, Kikhtar Tavakoni
Quick notes:

19.2 -Zombies, Skeletons and Liches, IN A CRYPT?-

GM: Sigurd
Players: Benjamin Pott, Havr-Elm, Ziggy Blackheart, & The Red Blade
Quick notes: We explored deep into the crypt, slew dozens of undead, found out where the crypt connected to the rest of level 2, and even found some epic loot.

19.3 -name-

Quick notes:

23 January, 2019

20.1 Cursebreakers

GM: Magnus
Players: Lentor, Gliyr Gorinsson, William Greymane, Tyra Skadedotter, Fedora the Explorer (Jonathan), Sinarsin (Henrik)
Quick notes: Lifted the curse from the statue on level 3. (Well, Gliyr lifted the curse while the rest of us held off attacks by orcs and ghosts.) The orcs had reset the trap in the room leading to the statue.

20.2 Goblin Longbottom Leaf

GM: Sigurd
Players: Vivian Nightsong, Gorg the shanker, Kikhtar Tavakoni, ethon brandt, Fineas the Swashbuckler (a New Martin)
Quick notes: Goblin territory was explored.

20.3 -Zombie and Skeleton, they fight Crime.-

GM: Torgeir
Players: Torstein, the red blade, Ziggy Blackheart, Benjamin Pott, Havr-Elm
Quick notes: Group continued to explore the Crypts, Clearing a block off room with 20 zombies. Then Disaster strikes and and the Red Blade falls in battle with stone skeletons.

30 January, 2019

21.1 Monster under the bed

GM: Magnus
Players: William Greymane, Sinarsin (Henrik), Ethon Brandt, Lentor, Gliyr Gorinsson.
Quick notes: The group continues further into orcish territory. The group ambush a group of kobolds with a mechanic donkey, but let some of them return home with a message that we are actually looking for proper challenges. Their language is reptilian. We also discover a giant room the orcs are currently pillaging, which seems to connect to the room where the elevator would go down. The big room had three floors, and many, many doors. There was according to the kobold an elite force next to the elevator in the same direction. We end our travel in a old room where they had mined dwarven steel. Here we found a hidden hatch that seems to lead to pathways perhaps into the same giant room next to it. There is also a small tunnel above the unstable pathway in that mining room.

21.2 There be Vampires

GM: Torgeir
Players: Benjamin Pott, Ziggy Blackheart, Havr-Elm, Vivian, and Valor Ironblood.
Quick notes: We explored even further into the crypts, found some smoke monsters and a guy who was being kept by some vampires. As we were leaving we were ambushed by the head vampire and some skeletal minions. We beat him into a pulp, after which he tactically suicided and retreated in mist form.

21.3 Ooh, Shiny

GM: Torstein
Players: The Red Blade, Kikhtar Tavakoni, Tyra Skadedotter, Gorg the Shanker (Mika)
Quick notes: We went east and north on level 3, and met a small group of skeletons with wind-pushing-spells, which was kind of unpleasant when we found ourselves with our backs to the abyss. Later we met another group of skeletons who disintegrated into illness-causing dust when we killed them.
We also found a… thing which is shiny. And pretty. And interesting. Soo shiny. Soo very very shin… Uh, what?

06 February, 2019

22.1 The Diversion

GM: Magnus
Players: Gliyr Gorinsson, The Red Blade, Kikhtar Tavakoni, Gorg the Shanker, Vivian Nightsong, ++
Quick notes: Operation: Distract the Greenies goes well. The rather trollish orc warrior wielding two scimitars is slain, and an entire force of orc cavalry, on some odd eight-legged creatures, are halted long enough for the elevator team to help wipe them out completely.

22.2 The Strike Team

GM: Sigurd
Players: William Greymane, Sinarsin (Henrik), Ethon Brandt, Lentor
Quick notes: Darkness + Scout = Madness.

22.3 Zombie on a leash

GM: Torstein
Players: Benjamin Pott, Ziggy Blackheart, Havr-Elm, and another Holy Warrior.
Quick notes: We looted a holy temple Indiana Jones style, and found a new way down to level 3.

20 February, 2019

23.1 The Mall

GM: Magnus
Players: Lentor, Gliyr Gorinsson, Tyra Skadedotter, Sinarsin
Quick notes: Took the lift down to lvl. 3. Went window-shopping at the dwarven mall. Fairly quiet event, with the exception of one slimy poison demon, some cockroaches, and a party of orc looters who wanted to know what that loud explosion was (it was really old dwarven alcohol, we think). Two orcs were sent back alive as a warning.

23.2 Smoking some Zombies out

GM: Torstein
Players: Vivian Nightsong, Havr-Elm, The Red Blade, and a Holy Warrior
Quick notes:

23.3 Bowl of RNG

GM: Sigurd
Players: Ethon Brandt, William Greymane, Ziggy Blackheart, Benjamin Pott
Quick notes: We return to the crypt, and finally managed to kill the vampire. Continued down the stairways found last week; where we fought off more skeletons, and found a room with dwarven statues and frescoes. The room also contained a hidden room. We continued north, down a ominous hallway full of more dwarven statues, to a new room with a sarcophagus on a elevated platform. Feeling the danger in the air, we instead looted the secret room connected to the same room. Here we found a force field and a bowl of RNG. Throw three peedles with dwarven runes, and what's written on them shall happen. Or you just arrange them manually in the bowl. Rewards gave us the scorched remains of someones back. The thing within the sarcophagus is True Evil and not alive.

27 February, 2019

24.1 The Quest for the Starforge

GM: Magnus
Players: Gliyr Gorinsson, Sinarsin, Ethon Brandt, Lentor
Quick notes: As the name implies we went looking for the rumored plasmaforge. Surprisingly it didn't actually take long to find (turns out it's right north of town square). Unsurprisingly, at least in hindsight, it was occupied by a small group of kobolds and several of their automatons, plus three larger machines, each the size of a very large human, piloted by kobols. A stealthy kobold ninja was also present, and managed to killed Magister Brandt before we could even react to it's presence. The surviving kobolds (which were most of them, except the ninja) were allowed to leave after the fight.

24.2 A Grease-ly affair

GM: Sigurd
Players: Ziggy Blackheart, William Greymane, Havr Elm, the Red Blade
Quick notes: A sarcopohagus was moved, an excavation begun, and a massive amount of undead slain at great risk to player life. Oh and there was grease everywhere.

24.3 -name- Thin foil

GM: Torgeir
Players: vivian nightsong, Torstein, other people
Quick notes: The mall was explored, amongst the loot was a meteoric tinfoil hat.

6 March, 2019

25.1 -name-

GM: Magnus
Quick notes:

25.2 Bifulla's Blessed Binger

GM: Torstein
Players: Sinarsin, Tyra Skadedotter, Gliyr Gorinsson, Ethon Brandt, Havr-Elm, Lentor, Valor Ironblood
Quick notes: The Starforge is sealed off from the rest of the dungeon, and a waypoint shrine is established therein. The party then heads to town square and discover a hidden passage under the statue of Bifulla (marked with a placard saying "You can only truly see the world for what it is when you see it through the distorted haze at the bottom of your sixth tankard." The passage leads to a suspiciously lively bar, with an eclectic clientele, soothing music, and very expensive, and potent, drinks (be careful when mixing). We currently believe the barkeeper to be a ghost.

13 March, 2019

26.1 Law and order in the Plaza

GM: Torgeir
Players: Sinarsin (Henrik), William Greymane, Lentor, Tyra Skadedotter
Quick notes: Checking out a few more rooms under and around the Plaza, finding legal paperwork and sensual dwarwen artwork.

26.2 Beer Quest

GM: Torstein
Players: Gliyr Gorinsson, Vivian Nightsong, Ethon Brandt, Gorg the Shanker
Quick notes: The party sat out in search of Brax's Brewery and found it, with drinkable beer still present in gallons upon gallons. Wether it's actually milennia-old beer that's kept well, or just someone who's been using it for it's intended purpose, is currently unknown. Signs that owners of or workers at the brewery may have been involved in some rather shady activites were also located, and has been brought to to guild for further research.

26.3 Curses, foiled again

GM: Sigurd
Players: Ziggy Blackheart, Havr Elm, Kikthar Tavakoni, The Red Blade
Quick notes: For the first time in forever, a boss was actually hard.

20 March, 2019

27.1 Round and round in the Narrows

GM: Torgeir
Players: Vivian Nightsong, Darian the Daring (Torstein), Ethon Brandt, Tyra Skadedotter
Quick notes: The players go looking for the thieves guild. Success is not immediate, but we know the approximate location. The Narrows is filled with trash, but profitable trash.

27.2 Vanishing tricks

GM: Magnus
Players: Gliyr Gorinsson, Swift Blackstrike, Lentor, Sinarsin
Quick notes: The party clears out the statues, and makes an epic exit.

27.3 Grave Robbing

GM: Sigurd
Players: Ziggy Blackheart, Havr-Elm, William Greymane, The Red Blade
Quick notes: Cleaning up after the Lich proves profitable!

27 March, 2019

28.1 -name-

Quick notes:

28.2 The Sphinx's Riddle

GM: Sigurd
Players: Gliyr Gorinsson, The Red Blade, Kikhtar Tavakoni, Gorg the Shanker, Havr-Elm, Ziggy Blackheart
Quick notes: The Dwarven Mausoleum is explored further. An undead Sphinx is encountered, and it poses a riddle the party must solve in order to pass it. After several great (and some not so great) attempts the party gives up, shortly after which it is discovered that it's possible to just go around.

03 April, 2019

29.1 Bagging the Thieves Guild

GM: Magnus
Players: ziggy blackheart, valor ironblood, ethon brandt, William Greymane, Lentor, vivian nightsong
Quick notes: The players stole a table.

29.2 Dirty Dancing

GM: Torstein
Players: Havr-Elm, The Red Blade, Gliyr Gorinsson, Kikhtar Tavakoni, Gorg the Shanker, a paladin
Quick notes: The Dwarven Mausoleum is mapped further, possibly as far east as it goes. A few vampires and draugr are killed, while a blind vampire flees into the darkness. A secret room, filled to the brim with mostly liquified human/dwarf/orc/something, is discovered and everyone promptly gets slimed. Repeatedly. Ew.

10 April, 2019


GM: Magnus
Players: Gliyr Gorinsson, Terran Dungeonborn, Ethon Brandt, Ragnar Oxhauler, Darian the Daring
Quick notes: A group is finally sent to see if there's any actual substance to Gliyr's drunken vision from a month ago. They come upon an area low in both Sanctity and Mana. Well into this area they encounter some TOTALLY NOT WEIRD SPIDER-THINGS and purge them with fire. Lots of fire.

30.2 Ghostly Reunion

GM: Sigurd
Players: Sinarsin, William Greymane, Havr-Elm, Ziggy Blackheart, Lentor
Quick notes: Talking to ghosts proves rewarding, and a cursed coffin is found to contain a shriveled left hand (which may or may not be cursed/blessed/magical; the scout couldn't tell).

24 April, 2019

31.1 Cryptic Completion

GM: Magnus
Players: Ziggy Blackheart, The Red Blade, others
Quick notes: The mausoleum is completely cleared out, the "bad air" has been dispelled as harmless superstition, and some spiders were fought.

31.2 Spider Quest

GM: Torstein
Players: Valor Ironblood, Tyra Skadedotter, Gliyr Gorinsson, Terran Dungeonborn, Mercutio
Quick notes: Seeking spiders in the north, the group has a run-in with an undead force, resulting in terrifying experiences for many.

1 May, 2019

32.1 The Arena

GM: Sigurd
Players: Tyra Skadedotter, Vivian Nightsong, Ziggy Blackheart, Sinarsin, William Greymane
Quick notes: The elevator shaft is pumped free of sewage, and a magical seal is found. A deal is struck with the kobolds, and after defeating "The Champion", the party goes to hell, and makes a deal with a demon - a waypoint in trade for potential customers.

32.2 Down, down, down…

GM: Torstein
Players: The Red Blade, Gliyr Gorinsson, Ethon Brandt, Lentor, Terran Dungeonborn
Quick notes: The chasm is mapped more thoroughly (at least on this level), and a perilous way down is discovered in the far north. With much difficulty the party makes their way down to the fourth level of the dungeon. Some strange creatures, probably fey, are dispatched and a waypoint set up.

8 May, 2019

33.1 Mirror Walk

GM: Magnus
Players: William Greymane/Darian the Daring, Ziggy Blackheart, The Red Blade, a bard, Cieran, I think?
Quick notes: William, Ziggy, The Red Blade, and Cieran were all summarily killed. Then the party swapped the knight for a second swashbuckler, before checking in to Cardinal Hotel, barely making it out alive.

33.2 Faerie Tunnels & Filthy Figures

GM: Sigurd
Players: Vivian Nightsong, Gliyr Gorinsson, Darian the Daring/William Greymane, The Best Swordsman in the World
Quick notes: The party goes to the faerie glade, back through the leprechaun's camp, and on towards where he claims his pot of gold was last spotted. After a seeminly endless tunnel loop the party realises how to exit, and find a statue of a dwarf holding a green-burning torch. Druidic magic. Apparently the energy it gives off could theoretically grant eternal life, as long as you don't leave. Some time later there's a run-in with the other party, and after splitting ways a filth demon is located and, eventually, defeated.

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