Primordial of Fire, The Great Cleanser
Fire purifies. A burnt blade used for surgery means less chance of infection, thanks to the purification of the blade. A forest fire clears away rotten and dead wood, allowing new healthy trees to grow forth. This is the Cleanser's lesson: burn away the corruption and sickness to allow the healing to commence.
Trained clerics of the Cleanser are often battle clerics brought along to fight the unnatural and truly evil. Through training they are taught that those who can kill, should also be able to heal, and vice versa.
Common symbolism contains both blades and fire, often combined, as both are common tools in both killing and curing. As the temple is so influential, good expensive steel such as longswords is common.


The Lord of Prose and the Written Word
Underneath the earth’s crust, there is said to be a library so vast it contains a copy of every word written down (stout believers even claim that these are the original, and that every writer is being directed by the Lord). The Lord collects and shields this library from anyone who would try to harm his collected knowledge.
Followers of the Lord tends to become researchers and other gatherers of knowledge, but also poets and authors who use words in creative ways.
Typical symbolism for the Lord are wordswordswords. Anything you can write with (chalk, quills, glue and glitter), but also any object covered in a exorbitant amount of letters, this may include tattoos.


Primordial of Earth, The Moon
Whenever the intelligent races of the realm commits true atrocities against nature, nature commits atrocities back. The Moon is believed by many druids to be the most powerful divinity in the land, and count on them to correct all flaws that blasphemic countries has raised on the face of the earth.
Followers of the Moon do not believe themselves to be exterminators, as they commonly observe nature defend itself. Instead they focus on spreading their message, and recruiting. They wouldn’t dare presume that they could improve on nature, but will instead call upon it to aid them when they are in need of it.
To express yourself as one of these followers, it is typical to adorn yourself in a large eye, with the pupil traded in for a waxing moon.


The Tunneler, The God of Opportunity and Mischief
If there is one thing that is said about dungeon delvers, it is that the whole lot of them are raving lunatics, only interested violence and riches. It should then come as no surprise to anyone, that the god most followed among them is one of dubious morality.Teris holds no domain over grand elements or vast armies, but settle with borrowing her power from other godlike beings.
Teris’ followers believe that he uncovered all of the world’s dungeons, and tunneled her way down to all treasures of the earth, and he is thus seen as a god of opportunity, but the same followers also believe he created every monster and trap found in these dungeons to protect these resources from the unworthy.
Dwarves adore Teris, and his most common symbol is a golden pickaxe.


The First that Died
After death, Idotl’s apostles believe they will be given a new divine form, and recruited to an army which fights both the demons of the farther plane, and the remaining undead of the mortal realm for eternity. The leader of this army is Idotl, the first that died, and he delegates responsibility out to those who impressed him in life. Idotl is said to value personal growth and achievement over original stature and power, which makes him a god loved by the middle classes, and those who have a wish for societal change.
Common symbols of Idotl is a torch carrying the flames of the sun.
Although all Demons are Idotl’s sworn enemies, his followers are more known for being hunters of the undead, as any man who don’t die denies Idotl their soul, and thus damages his cause.


The Primordial of Air, The Peaceful Traveler
In an interconnected world, one of the biggest driving forces of civilization is trade, trade requires travel, and travel is a constant risk in a world where Orc raiders and Griffon flights can strike and depart in less than an hour. Prayers to Futix, who adores everyone who travels with the wind, are supposed to grant safe passage.
As an additional tribute to Futix, it is common to dress in large feathers, preferably those of a Heron, as Futix is often pictured riding one.


The Primordial of Water, The Dreamspinner
It is common knowledge, that when you conk out on mead, and dream something lucid, it’s because Bifulla has decided to gift you a vision of the future. Bifulla often grants pockets of knowledge to those tuned to his mysterious ways, and clerics all agree that the more mind altering the essences you ingest, the more powerful the visions will be. However, they also all agree that knowledge can be dangerous, so those who tune in to forbidden knowledge may find themselves poisoned, not enlightened.
Regardless of how they get absorbed, followers of Bifulla carry with them what they need to summon visions, and often also misty crystal orbs, so they can perceive the dreamworld without going to sleep.


The Aged One
Everything fades. People, stone and iron, even magic and gods end given time. The one exception is Jophy, who will remain until everything has turned to fine sand. Once everything has settled into nothing, he will allow himself to sleep.
Followers of the Aged One carry with them containers of fine dust, to remind them how everything will end, and that it must end. They take offense to any idea of immortality, and will openly combat those who try to prolong their lifetimes more than what is natural.

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