Prepared Gear Lists

Basic Kit (light) $132, 17.45lbs

With the exception of the outfit, coin purse, and lantern (5.2 lbs in total), all this gear is likely carried in the backpack and is sturdy enough to survive being dropped roughly at the first sign of combat.

  • Starting outfit: $0, 2lbs
  • Small Backpack (holds 40lbs of gear): $60, 3lbs
  • Rations x2 (enough for a day-trip into the dungeon): $4, 1lbs
  • Canteen (1 quart/liter of water): $10, 3lbs
  • Personal Basics (Adv 111): $5, 1lbs
  • Coin Purse (holds up to 150 coins): $10, 0.2lbs
  • Lantern1 (Adv 111; burns for 24 hours): $20, 2lbs
  • Oil (Adv 111; 24 hours of fuel for lantern): $2, 1lbs
  • Bandages (Adv 111; allows first aid without penalty; enough for six wounds): $10, 1lbs
  • 20 yards of 3/8" rope (Adv 111; supports 300lbs): $10, 3lbs
  • Chalk: $1, 0.25 lbs

Potential Improvements:

  • Quick-Release Backpack (Adv 112; doesn't need a ready action to drop): +$240, +0lbs
  • Helmet lamp (Adv 112; only burns for 12 hours but doesn't need a free hand): +$80, +0lbs
  • Shield lamp (Adv 113; only burns for 12 hours but attaches to a shield): +$180, +0lbs
  • Giant-Spider Silk Cord (Adv 113; lighter rope, supports 360lbs): +$190, -2lbs

Armor Sets

Armor is heavy and expensive. You'll likely have to make some tough calls on how much to wear, how much to pay for it, and what locations to prioritize.

For weight, keep in mind that every level of encumbrance is a penalty to Dodge, and the best defense is usually not being hit in the first place. It's also a penalty to move speed, which A) can be deadly if you're forced to retreat from a fight and b) can cost you valuable turns as you slowly maneuver into hitting distance of nimble foes. In general, you'll probably want to treat Move 3 as an absolute minimum; that's with your backpack and with a bit of spare capacity for carrying loot. In combat (with your pack dropped), you may want to aim for Move 4, allowing you 2 hexes of movement even over difficult terrain.

For locations, Body is the absolute highest priority. First, it's the default location, so whenever the GM forgets to specify anything else, that's where you'll be hit. Secondly, it also protects the Neck (favored target for cutting weapons), the Vitals (favored target for impaling weapons), and the Groin (favored target for crushing weapons).

Your second highest priority is the Head, because a headshot is a quick way to die from even weak opponents. Full Face protection comes at a cost (making it much easier to flank you), so unless you've covered everything else it's probably not worth it.

The third priority is Boots. Not so much because of monsters, but because of traps and all the other nasty stuff you might step on in a dungeon. DR 2 will mostly protect you from caltrops; spiked pit traps may require more.

  • Minimal Weight (9.9lbs, $328): Light Segmented Breastplate (covers the front of your Body with DR 3; 8.4lbs, $315) and leather skullcap (covers the Head, but not Face, with DR 1; 1.5lbs, $13)
  • Light Weight (19.8lbs, $702): Light Mail Coif and Hauberk (covers the Body and Head, but not Face, with DR 3/1 (1 vs crushing); 15.6lbs, $650), Heavy Leather Boots (covers the Feet (not Legs), with DR 2; 4.2lbs, $52)
  • Medium Weight (29.2lbs, $979): Light Mail Hauberk with Sleeves (covers the Body and Arms with with DR 3/1 (1 vs crushing); 18.6 lbs, $775), Light Leather Pants (covers the Legs with DR 1; 4.5lbs, $37), Light Segmented Pot Helmet (covers the Head, but not Face, with DR 3; 4lbs, $150), Light Leather Boots (covers the Feet (not Legs), with DR 1; 2.1lbs, $17)
  • Hefty Weight (40lbs, $1,071): Light Segmented breast- and backplate (covers the Body with DR 3; 16.8lbs, $630), Light Segmented Pot Helmet (covers the Head, but not Face, with DR 3; 4lbs, $150), Heavy Leather Sleeves, Pants, and Boots (covers Arms, Legs, and Feet with DR 2; 19.2lbs, $239)
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