Portstown Taverns

During the Town Plot, the players convinced the Tavern Keeper's Guild to back off with the promise that if they offer something worthwhile for adventurers (providing mechanical benefits over sleeping in the streets) adventurers will come. It's taken them a while to come up with ways to service this unusual breed of clientele, but they've started rolling out some special deals.

The Broken Eagle

A Tavern just south of the town, full of travelers. A good place to discuss expeditions and far off places. The barkeep's name is Frank, and by virtue of not actually being in Town, he's not in the Tavern Keepers Guild.
Upkeep Cost: $150

Frank has invested in a traveling shrine in the basement, and set up a couple of lockable storage rooms down there freely available for residents at the Eagle. The Broken Eagle is also popular with low level adventurers exploring the first level of the dungeon (which the basement is smack in the middle of), so people staying here get a +2 bonus on rolls to find a suitably skilled hireling.

The Rusty Pickaxe

A temple of Teris in tavern form, presided over by a retired adventurer named Alric.
Upkeep Cost: $200

Offers castings of Blessing to people who stay in their best rooms. Saves your cleric from having yet another spell active, and continues working even if your cleric goes down.

The Smooth Books Pub

A library that serves ale (use coasters). A place where people discuss lore and learning while reading.
Upkeep Cost: $200

Access to reading tomes while staying there. This gives a +2 bonus on all research and item identification rolls in Town.

Bifulla's Blessing

It's a dive, but the ale is cheap and strong, and there's plenty of other intoxicants available if you know who to ask.
Upkeep Cost: $200

Strange brews: Characters who party hard at the Blessing are still Tipsy while exploring the dungeon (-1 to DX, IQ, and self control roll), but in return get one random blessing (roll a 1d6 each week) from the combination of exotic intoxicants they've consumed. These effects all immediately end if the character recovers from the tipsy condition.

  1. +2 to all sense rolls.
  2. Unfazable.
  3. Serendipity.
  4. +2 ST.
  5. Immunity to pain, which also includes: cannot be physically stunned, takes no shock penalties, and doesn't halve move or dodge at 1/3 HP.
  6. Whenever you take a real and unnecessary risk (GM decides) you get +1 on all skill rolls and can reroll any critical failure.

The Wet Rat

The single shady tavern by the docks. A place to discuss things that's far from the Town Guard.
Upkeep Cost: $150

Accessing the Black Market, Fences, and similar criminal enterprises doesn't require a steetwise roll while staying at the Wet Rat. Having professionals around to provide advice also gives a +2 on any criminal ventures characters get involved with in town.

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