Nature: Place
Type: Town
Location: Between Godsrage Mountain and the Eastern Sea
Mana/Sanctity/Nature: Normal Mana, Normal Sanctity, Artificial Structures (-3)

First Visited: NA

Portstown sits at about 300 meters above sea level, separated from the Eastern Sea by a shear cliff. A single winding ramp, carved out of the cliffs with magic, connects the port to the rest of the city. The city is laid out in a 5x5 grid of boulevards lined with oak trees, creating 25 blocks of 3-4 story structures with a few taller ones around the central plaza, like the Temple and the Wizards Guild Tower. Beyond the outer road lies a 50ft wall built from conjured stone; a single smooth slab of granite surrounding the city.

The port consists of three wooden docks, a handful of haphazardly arranged warehouses, a sailor flophouse, and a single shady tavern (The Wet Rat). Compared to the neat rows of buildings framed by oak trees above, the port looks slapdash and improvised.

The central block in the city above is taken up by a large plaza. A central fountain surrounded with benches, fast food wagons (including one of the best rat-on-a-stick joints in town), flowerbeds, and the inevitable seagull flock.

The blocks surrounding the central plaza are taken up by grand institutions. Town Hall, the Temple, The Wizard's Guild, the Town Guard's Fortified Barracks, the Trade Guild, the Fighter's Guild, The Hall of Craftsmen, and the Society of Refined Gentlemen.

The outer ring of blocks is where everything else is. Here you'll find inns ranging from the seedy to the extremely affluent, blacksmiths, tattoo shops, clothing stores catering to a variety of exotic styles, stores specializing in spelunking gear, and anything else an adventurer might want. See Buying and Selling in Portstown for more details.


Town Board:1

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