Lentor - 05 - Down the hole

We decided to explore the hole in the ground further. After some testing it proved to be deeper than expected and we went back to town to get some rope. We overdid it with the length but better be save than sorry. On our way back we encountered a group of bears, I killed them rather quickly so we did not have to spend much time with them. Down in the hole we were attacked by rock monsters. The half Orc wizard Sorvahr said they were not quite elementals but rather some kind of living rock and lava creature. We found the remains of an unfortunate adventurer who fell to his death in the hole. Seems like selling the map every time leads to other people doing stupid stuff. Anyway we discovered what we all were looking for in the first place. the old dwarven city. We even brought proof and the story made the rounds really fast once we were back. But someone else was down here. I found tracks of small boot prints and a trap of bad smelling paint when we were exploring.

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