Lentor - 04 - Corpse pile and the Bear

So we went back to the corpse pile. Our cleric could use his power to make us resistant to diseases and we started removing corpses to get to the magic stuff our wizard found. it was nasty business to move the rotting corpses but what can you do… Our cleric examined some of the corpses and found that they all died of various diseases. After I was almost stung by something in the pile we stopped our plan and chose to burn the pile instead. We left the pile burning and explored a different part of the cave. Where we found a huge bear. Even though it was big it was quite nimble and dodged some of the arrows I shot at it. Our swordsman sliced it up good and after it was dead I could skin it. We found some stairs leading down but divine intervention prevented us from going down there. We returned to the corpse pile and found a knife, a shield, and some potions. Back in town we gave the items to the survivors guild to sell.

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