Lentor - 03 - Southern Cave

We continued our exploration of the southern caves. We encountered a cave troll which clawed me. Luckily the cleric we had with us could take care of my wounds. After the troll was defeated we gathered some shrubs to to burn it outside. One of the trolls previous victims had a spear with him which turned out to be somewhat valuable. On further exploration of the cave we stepped into one of the trolls traps. I could duck in time and our knight stopped the spiked log with his armor. After that we found a room with a corpse pile in the center. For fear of diseases we avoided the pile and checked the rest of the room. In one corner we found a hidden passage behind some roots. Before we could enter a group of those nasty foul bats flew into the room. We managed to avoid them because the cleric cast a spell of silence and we hid our light sources. Behind the secret passage was a big room which was inhabited by small bats which attacked us. The elven swordsman had a gas grenade which took care of some of them. They turned out to be pretty nasty creatures, with their sharp teeth. After taking care of them we checked out the room and found a corpse with his legs missing. He had a morning star and a shield.

That concluded our exploration for the day.

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