Lentor - 02 - Southern Cave

I was denied entry to the town this week… These guardsmen are the worst… As if I am the one they need to worry about. I met up with my old pal Sorvahr he helped me buy some gear and other than that I lived a good week in the mountains. Beats the stuffy city anyway. Might just keep doing that is cheaper too.
After that I met up with Sorvahr again and some other folk. A cleric and an elfen swordsman. We went to explore a different cave. They have been there before, but I mapped it out properly this time. The cleric shot some sort of slime cube which turned out had a whole bunch of gold coins inside itself. We also had to deal with some unstable area where rocks would fall down on us. Further in we fought two cloakers, and in my attempt to help our cleric I let my guard down and got hurt in the process. His magic cured my sprained foot though. We discovered a place which has just the right magic to set up a way-point, or so I was told, looked just like another cave to me. Near the slime and a bit further in are two entrances to the sewers. We avoided those for now and kept exploring the cave more. Lastly we found another colony of foul bats and two giant slugs. We disposed of them with ease.
Let’s see what next week brings. The adventurers guild I seems like a bunch of alright fellas. Even though some of them are soft city folk… Anyway we pool our money to get better gear and it seems like I will get a new bow, I am exited for that.

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