Lentor - 01 - Cave

22 August
I came to Portstown for the same reason everyone else did. Money. Like every city it is filled with weak folk who go about their lives avoiding danger wherever they can. It might be a bit better here than in older cities. This town exists only for people like me, the ones who will face danger and recover the shiny trinkets that everyone wants. And like usual I am being ripped off by the merchants who want to profit from my hard work.

I found a group willing to explore a cave on the side of the mountain. There were 2 dwarven clerics, one followed Igyn, the other Rehuna. A swordsman who thought his mask and name would make him look tough, I don’t think he will last very long, the ones who think their name will protect them usually die first. A cute looking cat-folk who knows her way around a sword. A half orc druid, she seemed to know what she was doing. And me. We did not get in very far when we stumbled upon a bat colony. The animals fled but their larger stinking counterparts stayed and attacked us. It was a harsh fight but in the end our prey was dead before us. One of the dwarves took quite a beating but survived. In the room the bats made their home in we found an old cauldron, there was a little of a potion left which we sold at the local mage guild. I even managed to get some silver for the map I made of the entrance.

I look forward to exploring the cave further and seeing what other treasures I can find, maybe even the entrance to that old dwarven city.

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