Kikhtar Tavakoni, Catgirl Knight
Attributes Points
Strength (ST) 15 [50]
Dexterity (DX) 15 [100]
Intelligence (IQ) 10 [0]
Health (HT) 13 [30]
Secondary Attributes Points
Hit Points (HP) 15 [0]
Will 10 [0]
Perception (Per) 11 [5]
Fatigue Points (FP) 13 [0]
Total 165

Nature: Player Character
Player: Example Character
User: NA
Profession: Knight
XP spent: 20


Basic Lift: 45 lbs
Basic Speed: 6.25 [-15]
Basic Move: 6
Damage: Thrust 2d-1 / Swing 3d+1

Dodge: 10
Parry: 16 (Glaive)
Block: NA
Armor: Head: 4/2, Body: 4/2, Arms: 4/2, Feet: 3. Otherwise none; use lower value vs. crushing attacks.

Reaction Modifiers:

  • Born War Leader: +2 vs profession fighters.


Gender: Female
Age: 22
Race: Cat-folk
Height: 5'8'' (1.73 m)
Weight: 158 lbs (72 kg)
Appearance: Lean feline muscles. Sleek grey fur.




Languages: Common (Native).


Armor Mastery [5]
Born War-Leader 2 [10]
Catfall [10]
Combat Reflexes [15]
High Pain Threshold [10]
Night Vision 5 [5]
Sacrificial Parry [1]1
Sharp Claws [5]
Sharp Teeth [1]
Signature Gear (Balanced Dwarven Glaive ) [1]2
Striking ST 4 [20]
Temperature Tolerance 1 (Cold) [1]
Weapon Master (Glaive) [20]
Weapon Bond (Balanced Dwarven Glaive) [1]3


Code of Honor (Chivalry) [-15]
Impulsiveness (12) [-10]
Laziness [-10]
Lecherousness (12) [-15]
Phobia (Entering Water) [-2]
Sense of Duty (Adventuring Companions) [-5]

QUIRK [-1]: Aggressively egalitarian. Takes offense at being called a "Knight". She's a common Mercenary, not some noble with delusions of warriorhood.
QUIRK [-1]: Never mind that her glaive costs more than a peasant makes in 3 months.
QUIRK [-1]: The best defense is taking down the other guy before he can attack you.
QUIRK [-1]: Obsessively cleans and maintains her glaive; carries it even in town.
QUIRK [-1]: Delves because it's less morally ambiguous than other Merc work.


Skill Roll Level Points
Acrobatics 13 DX-2 [1]
Armory (Melee Weapons) 11 IQ+1 [4]
Boxing 15 DX [2]
Climbing 14 DX-1 [1]
Connoisseur (weapons) 12 IQ+2* [2]
Fast-Draw (Knife) 16 DX+1 [1]
Forced Entry 15 DX [1]
Jumping 15 DX [1]
Knife 15 DX [1]
Leadership 12 IQ+2* [2]
Polearm 22 DX+7 [28]
Staff 16 DX+1 [0]4
Stealth 14 DX-1 [1]
Strategy 11 IQ+1* [2]
Tactics 11 IQ+1* [2]
Throwing 16 DX+1 [4]
Wrestling 15 DX [2]

(*) +2 from Born War-Leader


Item Location Cost Weight
Simple Outfit Worn free 2 lbs
Balanced Dwarven Glaive Hands $900 8 lbs
Long Knife Belt $120 1.5 lbs
Light Mail Coif Head $125 3 lbs
Light Mail Hauberk Body $525 12.6 lbs
Light Mail Sleeves Arms $250 6 lbs
Heavy Leather Boots Feet $52 4.2 lbs
Pouch Belt $10 0.2lbs
18 Copper Dollars Pouch $18 0.36 lbs
Total $2,000 37.86 lbs


Kikhtar has two jobs in combat. First: she dishes out the pain, frequently felling foes with every strike of her glaive. Second: she protects the more heavily armored allies in front of her, parrying attacks meant for them. She isn't meant to get closer than 2 meters away from the enemy, but she's not completely helpless at closer ranges.

Compared to most knights, she's fast and light on her feet. On the other hand, she's far less durable as well. Armor is heavy, and any more weight would slow her down too much.

Glaive (Slash)-24: 3d+10 cut, Reach 2,3*. Parry 16.
Glaive (Stab)-24: 2d+6 imp, Reach 1-3*. Parry 16.
Glaive (Used as Staff)-18: 3d+3 cr, Reach 1,2. Parry 13.
Long Knife (Slash)-15: 3d cut, Reach C,1. Parry 10.
Long Knife (stab)-15: 2d-1 imp, Reach C,1. Parry 10.
Claws-15: 1d+1 cut. Reach C. Parry 12.

With an effective skill of 24, taking up to -8 in penalties has no effect on her chance to hit (17 is an automatic failure). The odds are generally in your favor as long as the penalties don't go beyond -11 or so. So attacking is just a question of what penalties to go for. Rapid Strike (-3) to make two attacks is a must. Deceptive Attack (-2/level) gives a 1/level on defense rolls, helping get through to agile opponents. Targeting the Skull (-7) works great on things with brains, and stabbing the vitals (-3) is a quick way to down living opponents (if someone tells you where they are). Chopping limbs off opponents (-2) makes them less dangerous, and chopping an arm off doesn't work, it usually takes less to chop off a hand (-4); but you cannot deal more than half their HP when targeting limbs.

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