Godsrage Mountain

Nature: Place
Type: Mountain
Location: The northern reaches of the Tharumi Empire; up the slope from Portstown.
Mana/Sanctity/Nature: Outside: Normal Mana, Normal Sanctity, Primeval Nature (+2)
Mana/Sanctity/Nature: Caves: Normal Mana, Normal Sanctity, Primeval Nature (+1)

First Visited: NA

A few thousand years ago, an angry god dropped this mountain on a Dwarven city. Or so the stories say, anyway.

No crops will grow on the slopes of Godsrage Mountain and animals put to pasture on the wild plants which do grow there become unruly and aggressive. So the Civilized lands have largely ignored the region as too much of a bother to attempt to civilize. Monsters, especially dire animals and animal hybrids, roam in the heights of the mountain, and there are even rumors of a dragon sleeping in a cave near the peak (but to be fair, there are very few mountains where there aren't rumors of sleeping ancient dragons).


Combined map of all level 1 maps (see also editable Google docs file):
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