Nature: Creature
Class: Mundane

First Encountered: 05.2 "Two Towers (aka On the Road)"

Description: Mostly human-shaped, but with a hunched back (making them somewhat shorter), pointed ears, and needle-like teeth. Skin tones vary a lot, but tend toward greenish.

Information: Somewhat primitive, and cowards to the core. Highly resistant to poison and disease, and as such somewhat foreign to the concept of personal hygiene. All goblins have infravision. Most goblins do not speak the common tongue.

The goblins in dwarf town mostly belong to a large tribe situated in the south-central area. They are led by an Elder. They alledgedly1 have about twenty shamans at their disposal, and to number two hundred and some in total. They mainly worship an entity called "the Great Goblin" or "the Big Goblin".

North in the dwarven area there is a smaller group (possibly numbering just over a dozen) with only one shaman. They follow "the Rock Thrower", and are thus considered heretics by the main tribe. They alledgedly split from the main tribe after the shaman had a vision.

Both groups hate the undead.

Intel from the northern goblin tribe (18.1)

Northern goblin tribe:
1 shaman
15 warriors
Unknown number of children

Southern goblin tribe (info 5 days old when we got it):
23 shamans
238 warriors (55 of those are elite, or maybe the 55 elite are in addition)
98 children (grownup in a month)

The leaders of both tribes are old. The leader of the southern tribe is very old, and has several potential heirs. Infighting is likely when the leader dies.

Goblins take 3 months to go from newborn to grownup (or maybe from conception to grownup?)

Possibly relevant info: There's a big room where plants grow in the area between the two goblin tribes. Adventurers killed some big spiders which were living there some time ago (14.1). This room is probably be valuable for growing food for the goblins. We don't know if either of the goblin tribes have discovered that it's cleared of spiders yet.

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