Gliyr Gorinsson, Clan Stonehammer
Attributes Points
ST 13 [30]
DX 12 [40]
IQ 18 [160]
HT 13 [30]

Secondary Att. Points
HP 13 [0]
Will 18 [0]
Per 18 [0]
FP 16 [9]

Nature: Player Character
Player: Tore
User: Mr SiwekMr Siwek
Profession: Cleric
XP spent: See character sheet (link further down)


Basic Lift: 45 lbs
Basic Speed: 6.25
Basic Move: 5
Damage: Thrust 1d / Swing 2d-1

Reaction Modifiers:

  • Sense of Duty (Co-religionists): +2 to followers of the Gods
  • Clerical Investment: +1 to all who respect the Gods (i.e. most civilised folks)
  • Overconfidence: +2 with the young or naive, -2 with the more experienced
  • Stubbornness: -1 to any who've been Stubbornly refused
  • Merchant: +1 when buying or selling


Gender: Male
Age: 641
Race: Dwarf
Height: 4'1'' (124.46 cm)
Weight: 356 lbs (161.5 kg)
Appearance: Quite obese. Has black hair, and carefully maintains and coils2 his beard. He sweats quite easily, so physical exertion leads to him wiping his brow alot. Despite all the sweating, his beard always seems to stay nicely unaffected, though his hair tends to go greasy fast. Dark and very intense eyes.
BMI: 104.3

Character sheet (in Google Docs)

Disadvantages & Quirks

Greed (12) [-15]
Stubbornness (12) [-5]
Sense of Duty (Co-religionists) [-10]
Fanaticism [-15]
Gluttony (9) [-7]
Overconfidence (12) [-5]
Fat [-3]
Pyromania (12) [-5]
Truthfullness (12) [-5]

Always polite, patient, and respectful to fellow members of the clergy.3
Loves sampling inedible materials transformed through Create Food.
Sweats alot, which leads to lots of wiping his brow.
Takes great care to curl, coil, and oil his beard.
Very strong accent.

Penned Works4

"A Medical Treatise on the Foul Batmen of Mt. Godsrage"
Mostly what it says on the tin; medical comments on findings while carving one open. Also includes notes on what might possibly make for good, or at least interesting, eating (or at least not dangerous eating, aside from needing to kill one of those vomit-inducing creatures).

"On the Anatomy of Giant Wolves"
Technically just what it says; a short treatise on the anatomy of wolves who happen to be abnormally large (like, say, the size of a small pony). The text does veer heavily off topic, at several points, to discuss the edibility and taste of various bits of it's anatomy.

"Rat Brûlé, and other delicacies"
This text doesn't even pretend do deal with the anatomy of the creature who's name it bears, other than to explain the various ways to cook or otherwise prepare meals consisting of various bits thereof. For a text that's essentially about "how to eat rat" there is a surprising amount of really good culinary advice that could apply to many types of meat (just be careful with that Rat Tartare).

"How to Serve a Troll"
Anyone deranged enough to actually eat troll meat is well advised to peruse this pamphlet first. It deals with some of the common pitfalls of what not to do if you actually want to eat troll, then explains what you should do, if you wanna live through the experience. It then goes on to describe what options there are for different ways to prepare the meal (there honestly aren't that many though. You pretty much need to either burn the meat through and through, or thoroughly soak it in acid, before moving on to the actual cooking).

"A Guide to the Culinary Culture of Orcs and Goblin-kin"
Pretty much what it says on the tin. Some of the dishes mentioned seems a bit lacking in details, while others seem so outlandish that it's hard to tell if orcs/goblins actually do eat that, or if the author's sources were having a laugh at his expense.

"Cooking with Lizards"
This is a pretty traditional cookbook dealing exclusively in meals involving lizard meat. It describes a few different types of lizard, and what their meat is best suited for. The more astute reader may notice that one of the examples in the text is the meat of a suspiciously large type of lizard that is never named. Were such a reader to be learned in the ways of humanoid anatomy it would be very easy to deduce that this is indeed lizardfolk meat, which raises certain ethical questions not at all addressed in this text.

"Draconic Dining"
Despite the name, this text does actually have several interesting tidbits on draconic anatomy, as well as minor notes on which areas would be ideal targets to take down a roughly horse-sized dragon without damaging the described valuable organs too much. The text then delves into the various dishes that would (debatably) be improved by dragon meat, and what to keep in mind when preparing the meal compared to more mundane meats.

"Wayshrines: A Beginner's Guide"
A complete detour from the usual anatomy/cookbook texts Gliyr normally writes, this pamphlet is instead a fairly simple guide on how to set up, consecrate, and use wayshrines. It has an extensive section on methods that are useful for centering the mind when using a waypoint, and has some good advice on locating proper sites for future waypoints.

"The Layman's Guide to Dwarven Architecture and Construction"
Fancy name aside, this is just a light primer on some of the more obvious way dwarven construction differ from that of humans, especially the layout of cities, or mountainholds. It includes notes on older styles that may or may not have gone out of fashion (dwarves are notoriously slow to change certain things), as well as detailed theories on the full layout of the dwarven city.
For some (probably not so odd) reason, this one sold pretty well.

"Dining in the Dark"
This text deals with the various cuisines you might find in areas of no sunlight. Contrary to popular belief this doesn't actually involve dwarves that much, as even the most insular dwarfhold will usually trade with surface-dwellers, or farm topside themselves (this is also dealt with in the forword). It deals more with the food of cave-dwelling goblin-kin, and other savage races which make their homes deep underground. Short version: There's alot of mushrooms involved.

Notable Loot

The Bearded Dwarf:5
This is an axe of Fine craftsmanship, Ornately (+2) gilded and decorated with minor gemstones. It bears the likeness of some unknown dwarf, with the beard ending in the axe-blade. Not actually a bearded axe.

A well-Balanced, heavily Ornate (+2) shield bearing runes with the dwarven word "Oathkeeper".

Dragon-tooth necklace:
A large tooth on a simple thread.

The Heart of Igyn:
Hung on a solid chain necklace.

Epic Plate of Weightlessness:
Technically not loot, but in the event of Gliyr's untimely demise it would certainly count as such. This vaguely dwarf-shaped ball of metal is enchanted to only weigh an impressive 48 lbs!

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