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Yes, it's deliberate that none of these places specify what you are to talk about there.
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The center of trade and fast food in Portstown. An excellent site to hawk wares or do business.
13by reddragonfirereddragonfire
22 Jan 2019 22:23Jump!
A Tavern just south of the town, full of travelers. A good place to discuss expeditions and far off places.
19136by HildeAHildeA
31 Mar 2019 08:48Jump!
A temple of Teris in tavern form, presided over by a retired adventurer named Alric.
14by AlderaAldera
16 Sep 2018 12:13Jump!
A library that serves ale (use coasters). A place where people discuss lore and learning while reading.
321by Mr SiwekMr Siwek
05 Apr 2019 00:25Jump!
It's a dive, but the ale is cheap and strong, and there's plenty of other intoxicants available if you know who to ask.
13by Julian Silden LangloJulian Silden Langlo
29 Aug 2018 09:13Jump!
The single shady tavern by the docks. A place to discuss things that's far from the Town Guard.
829by reddragonfirereddragonfire
09 May 2019 22:53Jump!
Out of Character Discussions
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56512by SigurdGSigurdG
15 May 2019 14:42Jump!
44306by LentorLentor
04 Feb 2019 23:25Jump!
A place to explore game mechanics, character builds, and argue over the best weapon/spell/potion in the game.
765by SigurdGSigurdG
08 Apr 2019 10:35Jump!
Discussions about how the site is organized and set up.
717by GnaskarGnaskar
26 Nov 2018 22:05Jump!

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