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Your compass would indicate North is down on that map.

Looking at the map I made of the cellar below the Narrows, I'm starting to wonder if I've rotated it the wrong way.

Is north up on this map?


Tyra has a compass, and checks the directions regularily when she's mapping, so she would know. I get the feeling that the map makes more sense if it's rotated 180 degrees.

(Map from the level above is posted at the bottom of the page at Dwarven City Level 3.

Mapping question to the GMs by HildeAHildeA, 23 Mar 2019 12:19
An axe ?Idotl?
A hammer ?Rehuna?
A crown Futix
Two crossed scimitars Igyn
A bushel of wheat Bifulla
A ram's head ?Jophy?
A pickaxe Teris
An eye Iasis

I am pretty sure
Kinda sure/happy with the choice
?Remainder that only make far fetched sense?

Feel free to give suggestions how else it could be distributed.

Maybe we could do ingame religious rolls to see if we can figure out a connection that way.

Where were the coins found? Maybe the location has some clues?

Re: Important loot by LentorLentor, 22 Mar 2019 23:13

List of the "tails" side of the tokens (which are coin sized, weighing 0.02 lbs each if it is relevant):

  • An axe
  • A hammer
  • A crown
  • Two crossed scimitars
  • A bushel of wheat
  • A ram's head
  • A pickaxe
  • An eye
Re: Important loot by SigurdGSigurdG, 22 Mar 2019 22:39

All this can be done with normal meteoric stuff. I don't think it would matter much to the foe if they attack the meteoric thing we put through the barrier or the hand just outside holding the token. And if there is a mage, meteoric throwing weapons or arrows are probably more effective than tokens for getting him to drop the spell.

Yes a full list of the symbols would be nice to see.

Re: Important loot by LentorLentor, 22 Mar 2019 17:22

Well, depending on the nature of the magic barrier, if it followed the rules of Pentagram but turned against us (i.e., blocks us walking across a line but requires a physical symbol to be drawn on the ground which, if broken, breaks the entire spell) you could hold one of the tokens between your fingertips, poke it within the barrier, and break the line in the ground and, due to the unbreakable part, if an enemy targetted the token to destroy it to prevent you doing that it wouldn't work. Otherwise, if you're good at throwing, if the barrier has to be actively held per second you could make a mage drop the spell.

If you want the guild to keep a hold on the tokens to investigate them, the non-skull symbols become important. If one of the GMs could give us a full list it would be very much appreciated :)

Maybe I am not creative enough but what use can the golden tokens have to us?

I can throw them through a magic barrier. Now I have an unbreakable, magic inert coin on the other side of a magic barrier. But I could do the same with any meteoric thing (except that it is not unbreakable)

My immediate thought is that they might be some sort of key or something. We have to place them at certain places or in a certain device and it will only work because of their unique properties.

There are 8 gods maybe on token for each god? Also there were these god statues in the sewers maybe it is something there and would be worth a revisit.

(We also heard rumors of a 8 or 9 headed rat killing the noobs on lvl 1 so could check that out too)

I would say the guild buys them and keeps them and we see if we can't find a use for them.

Re: Important loot by LentorLentor, 22 Mar 2019 11:38

Minor correction: the gloves are purple, not white, and are inlaid with powdered amethysts.

Re: Important loot by SigurdGSigurdG, 21 Mar 2019 16:53

Spidersilk long gloves - Purple elegent long gloves (cover hands AND arms) festooned with powdered amethysts, giving +2DR, wearable under normal armour like all spidersilk armour, power item capable of storing 15 mana. Cost = 3500

Oricalchum knife - normal knife made of oricalchum, also a power item capable of storing 15 mana. Cost = 3600

3 unbroken jars of magical embalming fluid - gives a time-bound version of Final Rest when applied to a corpse, preventing it from being raised from the dead in all manners (both to true life and in undead form) for 1 month. Takes 10 minutes to apply to a naked corpse. As it is also embalming fluid, also has other affects on the body in line with normal embalming fluid. Hypothesised to be used in the creation of undead mummies. Cost = 720 each.

Ornate ironwood face mask - face covering, protects face ONLY, but counts as epic plate for face location. DR9, Ornate +1, 3.2 lbs, cost = 800

8 golden looking tokens (alloy; some gold, some orichalcum, some meteoric iron) - each token has a skull on one side and a different symbol on the other (each token has a different symbol). Due to their composition, these symbols are unbreakable and immune to magic effects, so can, for example, be tossed through magic barriers without fear of them breaking. Cost = 4000 AS A SET - the collector is standing by to purchase these if no one takes them. The individual cost of each token is 400 if it was by itself, which is easy enough to recoup if one player buys the full set and decides later to sell it on, but, as a warning, if multiple players go in together to get the set and then individuals in that agreement decide to sell their tokens, this will be at a loss

"OI!" Lentor bellows as he slams his tankard on the table. "First off, good work with the papers. The map you made from them is very good, helps us get to the good stuff first."

"Now there is more…" he leans forward conspiratorial. "We were in the old courier service of the ruins. We fixed the old way-shrine there, but that is not what is interesting. There is a safe there. Ten wheels and each of them has one hundred faces. I know me some numbers but that is an amount beyond me… There was the name "Rock Carver" above it. So look through the papers again. Also keep your eyes and ears open for that name, when you hunt for treasure. I don't think we can force it open, it didn't break when the mountain fell so what could we do to it? Also we might ruin what is inside if we try to break it."

Re: Dwarven Documents by LentorLentor, 21 Mar 2019 09:53

There's another kickstarter for a third party setting book running simultaneously. Set in a fantasy version of viking country with monsters inspired from nordic legends. It includes a backer tier where you get a hand crafted viking shield and practice sword made by the author. Which kind of says it all as far as authenticity is concerned.

The Citadel at Northvorn

It comes too late to be of any use in this campaign, unfortunately, but for any one inspired to run their own campaigns (or interested in playing in someone else's) there's a kickstarter out which includes such goodies as a Player's Bundle (just Adventurers and Spells) and a newly printed errataed box set. Also a second monsters book with weirder critters and more consistent art, I guess, but that's really the least interesting part of the kickstarter.

Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 2 & Game Reprint

Dungeon Fantasy Kickstarter by GnaskarGnaskar, 20 Mar 2019 08:41

Not yet. With the two of you gone OOC and it being well after midnight, after killing the lich in the no-mana zone we left the dungeon. Which makes checking out that tunnel top priority for this week I think, with second priority being looking at saving those dwarves stuck in time in the next room over.

Cool, I finally got enough XP to get Extra Attack 2. Also to pay of my debt to the guild for my armor. Not bad for basically sleeping through the fight. Did we search the corridor the Lich Poped out from?

On the same plot:
Cloth armour enchanted with Fortify +1 (total DR = 2, cost = 1150)

Hey man :)

As Sigurd said, the boss passed out and, on a successful secret lore undead roll, we determined he was a lich and, as such, if we outright killed him he would possess a nearby skeleton and have full mana and health again, but that if we killed him in a no-mana zone he would die for real. We then shoved his unconscious skelebody into the wheelbarrow and covered him with all of the loot in the room, then ran everything to the elevator as fast as we could, stopped it in the no-mana zone between floors, and killed him with extreme prejudice. As he died we heard a very loud rumbling from below, as if the dungeon itself reacted to his death (i.e., him and possibly the master vampire on level 2 that we already killed were the entire faction, so effects due to his faction will be gone and other things will be changed in interesting ways, but we have no clear idea of how, where, what, and whether the other factions on level three will have made inroads to the area by the time we next go down). As we had to run to the no-mana zone, we didn't have time to check the tunnel they came in by; basically there is a lot of interesting things to investigate in that area now.

XP: 8
Money: 3410.1 to each of us
(calculated from total of 16238 before selling the story [we rolled for you and the knight who also had to leave; the wizard, you, and I succeeded and the knight didn't. The knight also has the lazy disadvantage so only makes half money], with 3247.6 to the guild)

Lootlist (as you were there and therefore would get first pick if you want to keep any of it)
Interesting loot:
Lich's Quarterstaff (10,000 for a metal power-item [stores 20 mana] that has somehow been given the 'staff' spell, indicating it might not be really made of metal, or alternatively possibly made from the iron in the blood of those who he 'recruited' into his service)
Enchanted cloth armor (1150 for cloth armor enchanted with Fortify 1, for a total DR of 2)

Normal loot: 3 each of
large shields
heavy leather suits
long swords
dueling halberds
light scale shirts

Lich's Staff

A metal quarterstaff originally weilded by a capital E Evil lich. A metal orb, stylised in the shape of a skull, is on one end. This is a power item, capable of storing 20 FP. It is also possible that the staff is not truly made of metal, as the 'staff' spell is active upon it. It is also possible that this is an Evil item, so be careful if you are interested in it.

Cost: 10,000

Ultimately, it was very, very, very close. The deciding blow was the cleric cursing the lich. Curse, as you might be aware, lasts until a "significant success" is achieved, at which point the success turns to failure. Turns out, when you think about it, that for the lich capable of casting four spells per maneuver who also possessed Great Haste, "staying conscious" counts as a significant success. consequently, you all managed to survive with an extremely narrow margin, receiving a nifty bundle of cash from it all (total loot in the neighborhood of 15k, including the lich's power item) - Jonathan should have the exact details.

MVP went to the cleric in the end.

So once again I have to ask what happened after I left? I had to leave my plot because the last bus was going and some of us can't play until 3 in the morning. Not that I suspect it went that far, there was only the boss left and he looked like he was going to run away.

So did we manage to get him down or did he manage to rally and TPK the party? Honestly I think we would have done a lot better if we only had 1 more player to add damage . Not that I was any help, spent most of the night sleeping on the floor, while my comrades did all the hard work.(my ridiculous luck was 15 seconds from renewing too).

(BTW my vote for MVP was the wizard, who buffed the Cleric, who buffed the Knight, who kept us alive.)
The Red Blade(Kim)

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