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This coincides with what I remember as well.

Re: Loot & XP 8.5. (Plot 33) by SigurdGSigurdG, 15 May 2019 14:42

If my notes are correct, we were told we got 7 xp, so effectively a total of 9.

Re: Loot & XP 8.5. (Plot 33) by Mr SiwekMr Siwek, 15 May 2019 13:56

So, how much xp did we get in total? I couldn't write it down as I was busy packing & jogging to the last possible tram ride of the evening.


Now to calculate the per person loot.

Also I'm totally calling dibs on that shield. :D

Re: Loot & XP 8.5. (Plot 33) by Mr SiwekMr Siwek, 13 May 2019 22:36

For the group that went into Faeryland, loot found before the meet-up had a total value of $2700 - 600 for the sword stand, 2100 for the epic plate breastplate.

After the meetup, a humongous meatcleaver worth $750 and a medium shield emblazoned with carvings of the flames of Igyn enchanted with lightness -25% and deflection +1 (worth $4060) was found.

Also, after going through the sessions at the GM meeting yesterday, it has been concluded that the sewer demon counts as a "miniboss or named/unique creature", i.e. those that partook in its defeat should have earned 2 XP in addition to what they got.

Loot & XP 8.5. (Plot 33) by SigurdGSigurdG, 10 May 2019 14:20

As I mentioned on Wednesday, based on the survey, the date for the guild meeting has been set to this Sunday, the 12th of May.

Re: Guild Meeting by reddragonfirereddragonfire, 09 May 2019 22:53

A lot of time has passed since the last official guild meeting, but with the guild hall we see each other frequently anyway. But it is still a good idea to once in a while take a moment to stop and reflect. To reminisce over the challenges we've overcome, to mourn the people we lost - even if some were temporary it remains a tragedy - and to discuss the troubles still ahead.

With this in mind it is my honour and pleasure to once again invite you to a guild meeting.



Time: 15:00 - late
Date: To be determined, see survey.
Place: Kirkegata 9C, H0102
Host: Felix (call 97439666 if you have problems finding the place)
Food: Will be provided

Re: Guild Meeting by reddragonfirereddragonfire, 29 Apr 2019 22:47

Assuming you luck the armor availability roll, the suit is actually available almost 3 out of 10000 times…
And if you are a dwarf AND haggle (succesfully) then it will be yours for a mere $437,400.

Re: The Definitive Harness by SigurdGSigurdG, 08 Apr 2019 10:35

Not that this is really relevant at all, but I did the math just for the fun of it, and the best armor you can currently make (not counting irrelevant add-ons like spikes) is a Fine Dwarven Orichalcum Epic Plate. This comes in at the neat sum of $516,000. Or just $464,400 for dwarves. It provides 10 DR everywhere except the eyes, for the low low weight of just 24 lbs.

Man, do I want that.

Of course, if some ancient warrior king got his hands on that he might decide to enchant it a bit. Might as well, right? So if we add Deflect (+2 Defense Bonus, for $10,000), Fortify (+2 DR, for $4,000 (though it could technically go higher)), and Lighten (to halve the weight, for $10,000), we get:
A DR 12 armor, giving +2 to all defenses, that weighs 12 lbs.
For the low sum of $540,000 (or $486,000 for dwarves).

Yes please.

Good luck finding this beauty.

The Definitive Harness by Mr SiwekMr Siwek, 07 Apr 2019 23:54

This seems like a good decision. They are now near multiple active players, and around 50 XP below the highest XP players. I also approve of the increased cash load, think most of us have that value at this moment. This also makes balancing the encounters easier, even if some of us still are really squishy when stabbed from behind.

I hope they like the dungeon!

Re: XP and Gear Minimums by AlderaAldera, 05 Apr 2019 20:37

"Well, turns out it wasn't love. We also tried Faith, Wisdom, Learning, and Intelligence, none of which were the correct answer."

Gliyr wipes away some sweat.

"At this point we've been to every exit in that room, so if all this gets us is the right to pass through, I'll be a tad disappointed. On the other hand it's not like it's harming anyone (unless they beg for it…), so I'll be damned if harm the thing before I know what the answer is. …even if it is an undead abomination. At least it's a polite one."

A thoughtful look slides over Gliyr's face.

"Err, he, I mean. He's polite. I, uh, I think it's a he. I'm certain I read somewhere that it's supposedly very obvious when you're dealing with a female sphinx. Kinda like with rats, you know? Except the other way around."

He nods to himself, clearly pleased with the comparison.

Re: The Sphinx's Riddle by Mr SiwekMr Siwek, 05 Apr 2019 00:25

The Red Blade says "good guess, but we tried it and it was a no go"

"Maybe Insight?"

"or Revelation"?

"I don't really know, this is something a wizard or clerics should figure out. I just stab stuff and look good doing it".

Re: The Sphinx's Riddle by Kim MadtzogKim Madtzog, 04 Apr 2019 18:34

The tome of physiology sold for 500. You probably don't want to sell notes on the zombie plague to
the goblins…

Re: Important loot by SigurdGSigurdG, 04 Apr 2019 18:11

We're expecting around 3 new players next week, and rather than having them play characters with far less XP and a crippling lack of gear compared to the rest of you (and thus being almost actively hostile to getting new players), we're instead giving up part of the upgrade for level 4 a couple of sessions early.

Characters now have a minimum of 150 XP, and a minimum of $10,000 in gear + cash.

Any existing character who has less than this is raised to this minimum. I hope the members of the Dead Poet Society have managed to pay off their debts, because I'd rather not try to figure out how this interacts with player to player group debts.

Any new characters start with $10,000 in starting cash rather than $1,000. Wealth gives the same amount of additional cash as it used to (so a character with Comfortable Wealth starts with $11,000). Quirk points spent on additional starting cash give their usual amount. It might be easier just to say that new characters start with +$9,000.

XP and Gear Minimums by GnaskarGnaskar, 04 Apr 2019 18:08

"Hi Kobold/Goblin, I hear you dislike the Orcs. You can buy a book off us about their weaknesses for X amount of money. Interested?"

(When not in demand, you create the demand)

Re: Important loot by AlderaAldera, 04 Apr 2019 17:15

Things got a bit rushed during the session, but it is clear to any character with even a little bit of know-how that the notes on the zombie plague *could* sell for $3000 to "shady wizards with vested interests".

It is my professional opinion that one should best stay away from the area those buyers inhabit later on.

Also, in case anyone is interested, "Physiology (Orcs)" is an IQ/Average skill, but as Jonathan says - it's completely useless under normal circumstances.

Re: Important loot by SigurdGSigurdG, 03 Apr 2019 15:28

Not so super important loot, but some interesting additions to the library:

Research notes on the functions of plague zombies (20 pounds of notes in fact), would be worth around 1000 by themselves if a certain lich was still around to make more but at least are interesting.

Tome of 'Physiology - Orcs', which allows anyone who reads it to buy the skill 'Physiology - Orcs' even if physiology skills are off-template for them.. As a note, since Orcs are a 'mundane humanoid' race, their weaknesses are the same as those of humans. As such, this is a completely useless skill to have under normal circumstances.

Vivian stares intently at the riddle without blinking, long enough to be uncomfortable. It doesn't seem normal that anybody should be able to stare at anything for so long. It's almost as if she's had some training in this. After an indeterminate amount of time, she looks up.


Re: The Sphinx's Riddle by reddragonfirereddragonfire, 02 Apr 2019 18:42

A couple of us who've died and came back again have made an informal club. If you've made the same trip, feel free to join Dead Poets Society.

First drink's on me!

Dead Poets Society by HildeAHildeA, 31 Mar 2019 08:48

Having gathered a group of interested adventurers the fat dwarf starts off by listing the topic at hand, in his clearly-not-from-around-here accent.

"So for those of you who don't know; myself and a few others just encountered a sphinx down in the mausoleum part of the old dwarven city. Well, an undead sphinx anyway. It told us we needed to answer a riddle to pass through the room. Now, as it turned out we could actually just take a different route to reach another of the room's passages, though I believe there was one more exit to the room (or was it two…?). In any case that's not important. What's important is that it gave us a riddle, and I'm damn curious to figure out what the answer is, because it clearly wasn't any of the things we suggested!"

He emphesises his point by slamming one fist into the table while gesturing with the other in the air.

"I could repeat the riddle, but I feel you'd all be asking me to repeat myself, so here, I've provided a few written examples."
He puts a few sheets of paper with the riddle on the table.

Remove my cloak and this remains:
I am the slow dawn or a brilliant flash,
brand new or a secret as old as time,
I may come to you or you may stumble upon me,
but as long as I am remembered I will not be found again.

"The answers I remember us trying were as follows: The Truth, Oh shit (Gliyr rolls his eyes), the Answer, Knowledge, Ideas, Inspiration, and Fire, none of which were acceptable answers. Do you lot have any bright ideas?"

OOC: There may have been a couple of other things we tried, like whatever bright idea we had after break, which I completely blanked on. These were all I remembered.

The Truth
The Answer

The Sphinx's Riddle by Mr SiwekMr Siwek, 28 Mar 2019 04:14
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