Downtime activities

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Before adventuring

What Who Roll Modifiers Effect
Allowed to enter the city? Social stigma savage Fail on 6 or less - Fail: Must forage
Pay for upkeep Everybody - - Cost: $150 in city. If foraging, you may pay $42 for food to get +4 on survial roll, and/or $5 to avoid negative modifier on carousing for rumours. Some advantages and disadvantages can change this amount
Roll for foraging Those who forage Survival +4 if enough food, probably other modifiers for equipment and skills? Fail: Lose 1d hit points, only healed with 2 days food&shelter per HP
Scoring extra cash Everybody —> —> See details below
Buy stuff Everybody —> —> See Buying and Selling in Portstown. Remember to refill consumables you spent last time!
Scrounging Everybody Scrounging -? Can give $10 of free stuff: Refilling amunition, oil, torches, rations, rope and on a crit you get a good item worth more

After adventuring

What Who Roll Modifiers Effect
Sell loot Everybody —> —> See the rules for details, ask the GM, or sell via Survivor's Guild
Selling the tale1 Everybody Cartography or Writing See Exploits p.17 Succeed: $200, fail: $100, crit fail: 0 and maybe get beaten up
Selling the tale2 Everybody Musical Composition, Poetry Cartography, Musical composition, Poetry See Exploits p.17
Selling monster bits Everybody —> —> See Exploits p.24
Listen for rumours Everybody Carousing -X if no money spent on carousing, see "pay for upkeep" Get a rumour from the GM

Scoring extra cash

Described in Exploits p.14. Scoring extra cash has different levels of reward (or risk) based on what you do.

Dredging and Mud-Larking: Looking for coins in the gutter is Urban Survival. You get 1 copper per degree of success. Crit fail means disease. Also ew.
Bumming, Busking, and Haranguing: Begging (Panhandling), performing (Dancing, Musical Instrument, Performance, Poetry, or Singing, complementary skill rolls possible), or holding street sermons (Public Speaking, or Theology) gives 2 copper per degree, and a crit fail gets you a beating (1d HP lost).
Gambling: Gambling is an opposed roll and requires some stakes. Up to $25 means rolling against skill 12. Each dobling of the stakes ($50, $100, etc) increases the opposed skill by 1. Winning doubles your money. Loosing looses you the money. Crit fail is just a loss. A successful Sleight of Hand roll gives +3 to Gambling, but failing at either roll then means you loose and get a beating (1d HP).
Working the Crowd: Pickpocket gives you 5 copper per degree of success. Crit success gives $50 per degree of success! Failiure gives a beating (1d HP), crit fail means you get a broken hand (takes 1 month to heal).
Debasing Coin: You can also debase the King's coin (shave off metal), but you really don't want to. Trust me.

You can technically roll once for each of the above categories per week.

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