Brigadier Dominik Holtz, Mayor of Portstown

Nature: NPC
Type: Human
Allegiance/Occupation: Portstown Mayor

First Encountered: NA

Brigadier Holtz is always seen in military uniform; a red plumed gilded helmet, a suit of chainmail, a gilded breastplate (with his extensive collection of medals and honors attached), a red cloak, and sabatons. A broadsword in a red leather scabbard hangs off his hip.

The Brigadier sports a massive, black handlebar mustache but otherwise maintains his hair cropped short and his jaw clean shaven.

The people of Portstown are not sure whether Brigadier Dominik Holtz bothered to retire from the Imperial Knights before accepting the post as Portstown's Mayor. He certainly still maintains an army lifestyle, complete with jogging in full armor, weapons drills, and wearing an immaculate uniform at all times.

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