Chronicles of Griffith, Part 1

Considering I have managed to get by in Portstown as an adventurer for 3 entire weeks without either starving, dying or get brutally maimed by the inhabitants of the local caves and dungeons I have decided its high time I began to write down my own Chronicles so that in the worst of cases I will have something to be known by.

My last adventure job took quite the unexpected turn of events then I originally had expected when I, Ser Griffith van der Meer joined forces with other adventurers with the following group of colourful but competent individuals to clear out the cellar of the tavern that went by the name of the Broken Eagle that certainly took a unexpected turn or two and proved to be much more rewarding then initially expected, both as an experience but also economically. All this and most of even managed to get away from our adventure with surprisingly few wounds and no deaths with exception of the party thief, While experience have now showed me that you dont strictly need a cleric, It have only made me appreciate them even more for what healing miracles the can bring with them.

My companions of this venture was the impressively strong barbarian Tyra Skadedotter, An female Half Ogre who finally could show off her combat prowess to me and as an fair warning to anyone who have considered picking a fight with her, I would strongly recommend them to find someone else to fight since I am thoroughly convinced she could cleave a knight in twine, armor and all, given the right tools, She seems to however have poor reactions times when caught off guard.

Next up was our second barbarian, An brutishly strong man by the name of Ragnar Oxhauler, An peculiar fellow who brought with him a wheelbarrow and axe for the job, But in the end he proved himself valuable alley against all the creatures we encountered and proved to be more clever then I expected, I certainly wouldn't mind adventuring with him again, But he will have to learn, Much like Tyra, to react faster in an ambush or I fear that the both of them might find, (or more precisely not find) their untimely demise.

We then have this odd and rather flamboyant fellow that insisted to only go by the name of the Red Blade, I never caught his real name but I doubt it that it is truly the red blade. Regardless he considered himself a true sword swinging Swashbuckler but when it came to the encounter with the rat proved himself to be rather timid but after a few moments he managed to cough up the courage join the further melee's and I have to admit, While his courage seems to be lacking and he certainly could use a bit more force behind his blows. He certainly knows how defend himself and dish out the damage.

Finally we got our Thief, Sefni. It seems like the gods themself had aligned themself against him this day as the first thing that happened to him as we entered the cellar was that he was jumped by an rat that very well could have finished him of there and then had he not made an hastefull retreat and understandably was not that keen on getting into a fight after that, He did however pull his weight as an trap finder and picker of locks. An interesting fellow to say the least but I would recommend him to get something more then that flimsy light armor he was using. Proper armor might weigh you down, But in the end you can only really rely on steel to stop attacks from hurting you, Assuming its not slimes of course.

Regardless to say, We managed to quickly dispatch the giant rats in the cellar of the Broken Eagle and we quickly discovered why the owner of the tavern had gotten it cheap, The cellar of the Tavern you see leads into the dwarven sewers that's directly under and, what to me the very least, Undiscovered cave complexes, as we continued to explore the ruins we found an alchemical lab with nasty slimes in it, Only good thing about the damnable things is that they very least make an half decent weapon if scooped up in a bottle. In the lab we found some bottles of unknown potions/poisons and an treaty about alchemy.

After that we headed into the oddly dug out caves we found near the sewers and of all things to find, We found 2 bears, How and Why 2 bears was sleeping under an in in the city I have no idea, But we slayed both of them for monetary and safety reasons, Last thing I want barging into me when I am drinking my ale is an bloody bear!

After that we returned to the Tavern owner and got paid for an job well done! All in all I would say this venture went surprisingly well, Especially considering we had non magicians or clerics or any of those magic users with us and we ended up all making a decent profit at the end of the day.

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