Character Creation

Important things to know before making a character

0: New characters start with extra XP, see Experience Points. I think these can be spent at anything at all, could the GMs please clarify? Except probably not extra money??? - these are XP and may be spent on anything you could spend XP earned through play as specified in point 2 below.

1: This is a template strict game. You can buy only things that are on your profession's template during character creation. There are only a few exceptions:

  • Quirk Points. These points can be spent on anything from your own template and Chapters 1 (attributes), 3 (races), 4 (advantages), or 6 (skills). This does not include traits described under other professions than your own.
  • The last list of skills on your template (not "Special Skills" or "Spells" but the last "X of these skills") can be replaced with other skills from chapter 6.
  • Races. Any profession can trade advantage points for a racial template. Templates which have a "Spend X point to improve skills" section on them (the Scout and the Thief) can also spend those.
  • Elves. Magery 0 explicitly lets elves buy spells as a wizard. This includes the ability to spend quirk points on wizardly spells.
  • Disadvantages. As per Adventurers 56, the disadvantages listed on the profession templates are merely guidelines and you can choose any disadvantage you prefer subject to a couple of limitations. This applies only to the "choose X points from" parts of the templates.

2: XP may be spent on any of the Advantages in chapter 4 (up to the listed limits; Adventurers 46), any of the Skills in chapter 6, and anything on your template you do not already have.

3: This is a combat heavy campaign. If you have nothing you can do in combat, you'll spend a fair chunk of time doing nothing.

4: Druids should be aware that their spellcasting is penalized in artificial areas including, say, a ruined underground city. This penalty will average somewhere between -0 and -1 over the course of the campaign (depending on where you explore). Different parts of the dungeon will have different Nature levels, running the whole gamut from +5 to -10.

5: Fast-Draw (Any) means you can pick one of the six specialties of Fast-Draw (Arrow1, Knife, Potion, Scroll, Sword, or Two-handed Sword), not that you can make up your own. The same applies to every other instance of the word "Any" unless the description of the trait doesn't specify any specialties.

6: Secondary characteristics (HP, Per, Will, FP, Basic Speed, Basic Move, Basic Lift, Damage, and Dodge) are affected by changes in your primary ones. This is especially important to note for racial templates. If your race gives HT +1, that also gives you one free FP (above and beyond what your race template lists; so Dwarves and Gnomes have 4 more FP than their profession would indicate).

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