Buying and Selling in Portstown


Unless otherwise noted, selling goods in Portstown works as described in Coming Back Rich (Exploits p. 15-17). However, a few minor differences:

  • Scrap (Exploits p. 16): Portstown is undergoing multiple construction projects and a period of sudden population growth. As such, Current Affairs and Propaganda rolls to find buyers for scrap are done at a +3. On the other hand, the Waypoint Network doesn't allow for the kind of volume transport required to move thousands of pounds of scrap, so if you want to sell scrap, you'll have to go the long way back.
  • Selling the tale (Exploits p. 17): Portstown is crawling with adventurers eager for any maps or clues pointing toward treasure. Rolls to create maps or treatises are unaffected, but the result sells for $100 even on an ordinary failure, $200 on a regular success, and $1,000 on a critical success. Artistic products (using Musical Composition or Poetry) sells for their usual price.
  • Monster bits (Exploits p. 24): The presence of a growing Alchemy and Magic industry means that exotic monster bits are in high demand. Exactly what the guilds are looking for this week varies, and being up to date requires a Current Affairs roll. Some bits are always in demand (Requiring Naturalist, Physiology, or Thaumatology to identify as per Exploits p. 24).


Local Specialties

The following items are always available in Portstown, regardless of what the rules below would imply:

  • Dried fish: Treat as dwarven rations.
  • Alchemist's fire.
  • Anti-Toxin (Giant Spider Venom).
  • Garlic.
  • Wolfsbane.
  • Monster Drool.
  • Minor Healing Potion.
  • Paut.
  • Bolts of Burning (crossbow ammo with bodkin points and +2 fire damage). Stockpiled by the town guard in order to deal with out of control delvers in heavy armor, so inevitably ends up being sold on the black market by corrupt guards.

Mundane Gear

  • Fancy Clothing: Regular clothing is always available, no matter how outlandish the style (Complete outfit $120, 2lbs). This includes Dungeon Camouflage, Ninja Slippers, Hobnails, and other specialist items of clothing. Ornate outfits (Adventurers 110) are available within a day on a 9 or less; otherwise it will take a week.
  • Tattoos: Are far too easy to get (especially while drunk; late night tattoo shops tend to be close to bars and taverns). They charge $200 for the whole back or chest, $100 for a full face, leg, sleeve, or scalp, $50 for a complete hand or foot. Half costs for a partial, and a flat $10 for a small symbol.
  • Basics: Anything listed under Basics is available at the listed price.
  • Special Orders: Anything under Adventure-Wear, Camping and Survival Gear, Combat Accessories, Esoteric Supplies, Optics gear, and Scholarly Gear is automatically available (custom fitted items within a day, others within the hour). Lock picks and Disguise Kits require a Streetwise roll to contact the black market, other Covert Ops and Security Gear is available legally.
  • Concoctions: Chemicals and Natural Preparations are available. Monster Drool and Oozing Doom are available without any roll (adventurers keep bringing them out of the dungeon), while other Poisons require a streetwise roll.
  • Weapons: Weapons and ammo without enchantments or modifiers which increase price are available within the hour. Weapons with modifiers are available on 9-(total CF/10; round up) or less, but always at least a 3 or less. Weapons not available would have to be custom ordered. This means a wait time of 1 weeks; payment on delivery. Alternatively, a express delivery can be ordered for 1 gold ($400), providing the weapon within the hour.
  • Armor: Armor usually has to be made to order, but the stores might have something in stock which can be adjusted to fit. The base chance of this is 12 or less, penalized by both the armor's DR (average DR for split DR armors) and the Cost Factor of any special qualities (total CF/10; round up) but always at least a 3 or less. Unlike most places, there is no penalty for species (For Dwarves, Halflings, or Gnomes, who can't wear human armors and usually have trouble finding armors in human towns). If the roll fails, the wait time is the total penalty (DR+CF/10) in weeks, assuming a full suit1. Treat shields as weapons (above).

The Plasma Forge

Metals not commonly found in town (Orichalcum, Dwarven Iron, and the occasional weirder ones) can be traded for produced gear. Such materials are treated as having twice their normal value when directly traded for items. Scrap metal can also be traded to the forge instead of looking for a buyer in town. Every 2 lbs of scrap metal is worth $1 in gear at the forge2

  • Weapons: Metal weapons and ammo (everything that isn't a stick or a ranged weapon) can be produced by the Plasma Forge. Such items are available on a few hour's notice. This includes weapons and ammo with special properties, but not necessarily those of special materials. Meteoric metal naturally resists being magically forged. Silver and silvered weapons are always available. Orichalcum weapons are available on a 12 or less (but subtract the weight of the weapon from the chance that enough material is available), unless the buyer is trading in sufficient orichalcum for the item.
  • Armor: Metal armor (note [2] in the armor table) can be produced by the Plasma Forge. Such items are available on a few hour's notice. This includes armor with special properties, but not necessarily those of special materials. Meteoric metal naturally resists being magically forged. Orichalcum armor is available on a 12 or less (but subtract the weight of the armor from the chance that enough material is available. Keep in mind that orichalcum armor has a third the weight and that you can buy armor for one location at a time), unless the buyer is trading in sufficient orichalcum for the item.

Common "Special" Items

By special order of the emperor, some military surplus gear is made available for sale in Portstown (at a 10% markup to avoid competing with the merchant guild). I've removed from the list stuff that the Plasma Forge can produce at a lower price.

  • Military Weapons:
    • Balanced Bows: Short Bow ($275, 1.5 lbs), Regular Bow ($550, 2 lbs), Longbow ($1,100, 3 lbs), Crossbow ($825, 6 lbs)
    • Ammo: Balanced Bodkin Point Arrows/Bolts of Burning3 ($93.50)
  • Balanced Shields: Medium Shield4 ($330, 15 lbs), Large Shield ($495, 25 lbs)

Magic Items

Common magic items (those listed below) are available on a 14 or less. Other magic items listed in Adventurers are available on a 10 or less. Magic items not listed in Adventurers are not available unless explicitly listed as such by this wiki, and even then only on a 6 or less.

For gear that has both magical and mundane upgrades, first check if a mundane version is available using the rules above. Obviously, the Plasma Forge doesn't help here, since it only produces mundane gear. If the item is available, check for the enchantment. both rolls must succeed for the item to be available.

For items with multiple enchantments, roll for each enchantment in turn. If all rolls succeed, the item is available.

Common magic items:

  • Potions: Balm of regeneration, great healing potion, major healing potion, and universal antidote. Minor healing potions and paut are available without needing to roll.
  • Magic Weapons: The enchanted projectiles from Adventurer, usually sold in batches of 5, are common.
  • Scrolls: Awaken, Cure Disease, Dispel Magic, Great Healing, Instant Neutralize Poison, Major Healing, Message, Minor Healing, Neutralize Poison, Remove Curse, Stone to Flesh.
  • Other Items: Gem of healing, siege stone, wizard's staff, wizard's wand.
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