Brandt - 07 - And Back Again

By the words of:
Magister Ethon Brandt

follows a report to:
The Survivor's Guild

about recent activities and discoveries connected to:
Clearing the Road

The Group

The Events

We have returned from the road after clearing these by the orders of the Crown. The first weeks went without much effort, we needed to kill some hostile orcs and lizardmen that were on the path. We also saw evidence of griffins and goblins during our trip, but did not manage to clear these dangers.

The last part of the trip was a bit more difficult, since we stumbled upon a rather large shrine that was seemingly a lair of something big. This was the actual case itself: we had to fight a dragon with poisonous attacks that ended up with some living spore that spread around. Apparently the dragons can breathe something else than fire. I am not sure how we managed to killed it off, since I teleported myself out of harms way at the latter stages of the fight. However I think three fighters, where one was riding the beast and the other great hasted proved to difficult for the dragon. The cleric also has some spell that cured people from the acid damage, but we still used a lot of time afterwards to get rid of the spores.

So if you see some sort of purple yeast, please be careful. Apparently it is really difficult to get rid off when you get it on yourself. We also brought a lot of dragon organs back to the city, if people want to look at the size it actually was. By my estimation, the dragon was around 6 meters long. And hopefully people can get armor faster now!

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