Brandt - 06 - Beware of Lizardmen

Following is the notes on one of the pages of Brandt's journal.

I should be more beware of Lizardmen. We discovered them in the process of desecrating a waypoint, and doing some ritual for summoning something. When we attacked them, I found out that a shaman was leading them. In the process of running closer, together with the rest, I ended up around 6 feet from the nearest enemy.

This was a mistake, since they apparently hate people with magical gifts. Two of those creatures ran through the entire party to reach me the moment I was per-occupied. Nearly lost my leg in the process, but luckily I had left some money with Mrs. Nightsong at the guild I could use to fix the leg quickly with a waypoint-trip.

Note to self: Beware of lizardmen, either camp right behind someone that can block or stay even further behind. Spell range be damned, the same with my torso armor they never target, I need to stay alive when people seem to need me for certain tasks.

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