Brandt - 05 - On the Road

Following is the notes on one of the pages of Brandt's journal.

The mission to clean up and fix the waypoints between Portstown and the capital is going well. The first day we checked the first waypoint, on sanctified ground, and there was no problem with it. The second day we encountered a small band of goblins, orcs and hobogoblins. They wanted weapons, not money, but before we could try anything clever the Barbarian Ragnar challenged them to a duel. They dishonored this request.

It did not start well, mainly because they had two people with heavy crossbows on different towers next to the bridge they were guarding. The knight, a Sir William, volunteered to a charge through the air with my Walk on Air, so this problem was fixed relatively easily. In the meantime the Elven Swashbuckler with the fancy name and Ragnar killed off the hobogoblins and the orcs; the elf also stunned them by some clever insults. I and the Cleric, on the other side, tried to protect the three people we are protecting on this escort mission: a taskmaster, an engineer and a cleric. They had been ambushed behind us by the goblins, when we had left them. The last two nearly died, but luckily our Cleric can actually heal people. They can only take hits, sadly.

The swashbuckler returned and killed the rest of the goblins. We are resting now, before the engineer finish repairing the bridge and we continue towards the capital.

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