Brandt - 04 - Return of the Troll

By the words of:
Magister Ethon Brandt

follows a report to:
The Survivor's Guild

about recent activities and discoveries connected to:
The exploring of the Sewers the fourth week

The Group

  • Mr. Oxhauler, a Human Barbarian. Strong guy with a big axe.
  • Mr. Stonehammer, a Dwarven Cleric. Apparently has good cooking skills.
  • Me, Magister Brandt. The tag along.
  • Ms. Le'Teheh'Ma, Catfolk Swashbuckler. Really likes to cut stuff.
  • Mr. Bronzebough, Halfling Thief and Merchant. Seems to have a perfect balance.
  • Ms. Nightsong, our friendly Elven Bard. Always has a good plan.

The Events
The group from last week returned this week again to the Sewers, with a plan to continue further in where we left off last week after a quick check on the statues on the platform in the middle of the Sewers. We did not wander far in before a new troll ambushed us. Luckily the barbarian had carried with him a wheelbarrow for his stuff, which served as a shield from his attacks. With my illusions and Ms. Nightsong's audial tricks we managed to delay some of the attacks on the barbarian until the Swashbuckler had ran around to the other side. Together, with ignited weapons from the Cleric, they manages to cut and burn the troll away.

However, as some of us remember from the last event; the trolls can grow back from smaller bits. And this is what happened when the Swashbuckler went to action, several pieces went into the Sewers. This could be a problem in the future, but I hope that most of these went down the waterfall at the end of the Sewers. Only time will tell if this will be a major problem, but any dwellers going down should now always carry some kind of fire.

With a lot of time spent on the ambush, we changed our plan and went directly over the platform with the statues instead. We also gained new information here:

  • There is nothing magical in the area, the god statues also are not magical in nature
  • The statues are made of petrified wood, a type of resource you only could get from an ancient Elven region
  • All the statues are heretical in nature: Igyn is demonic, Iasis is transfigured, Idotl is a mummy, Bifulla a water elemental, Rehuna has became his own poem and Terrs is a metallic dwarf.
  • They also are pointing in each direction out from this area, in the following order in a clockwise order: Bifulla, Idotl, Iasis, Igyn, Teris and Rehuna. Rehuna is then pointing toward the entrance of the Sewers and Igyn toward the Troll's Den.
  • The missing gods are Futix and Jophy. There is a magical lay line in the middle for a waypoint, which could point to Futix. Currently the position of Jophy is not known, but could also be a metaphorical opposite or horrid abstraction of his concept.
  • The statues can't be moved, and there is nothing that could be pushed and such and such in this area.

We went further east afterwards, where we discovered a new room behind a portcullis with some slimes living inside it. Ranged attack made this a easy target, and we found gems and a axe shaped as a bearded dwarf inside.

There may be more trolls down there, especially now after this weeks event. Carry fire.
Could the discovery of Jophy provide a hint for this area? Would burning the statues provide a clue?
The statues of Teris point to one of the two roads shut off with rubble. Perhaps the road further is in the west?
We carried with us a giant plank. This is a good idea to bring along for you all.

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