Brandt - 03 - Burned Halfling Hugging A Trash Pile

By the words of:
Magister Ethon Brandt

follows a report to:
The Survivor's Guild

about recent activities and discoveries connected to:
The exploring of the Sewers the third week

The Group

  • Mr. Gnomb, the Dwarven Knight. Walking fortress with a headlight. Perceptive.
  • Gliyr Gorinsson, a Dwarven Cleric. Good with healing and resist spells. Always hit a target, not always the correct one.
  • Me, Magister Brandt. Sadly the enabler of the chemical fire bombs mentioned in this report.
  • Ms. Erog, Half-Ogre Martial Artist. Fellow Guild member. Quick, strong and have experiences scouting ahead when necessary.
  • Ms. Le'Teheh'Ma, Catfolk Swashbuckler. She became very scary when Great Hasted. Can climb anything.
  • Mr Bronzebough, Halfling Thief and Merchant. Can't throw said fire bombs very well, but was very brave in those situations as well. Or crazy, depending on the person.

The Events

A group approached me after they had have some bad weeks, and they wanted to join me in my quest down in the Sewers. Strictly for loot, and not for academical purposes. Because the first group had heard about a room barred by a portcullis, we went there first. We went in other words to the north-west in my old maps, but which will now be corrected to the south. Apparently I did not see the paradox about having the southern caves at the top, and still saying we went northwards.

We managed to get inside by a healthy mix of strong people and a Shape Earth spell, and we managed to secure the hidden treasures with a thief on trap-handling duty and a Catfolk that climbed and collected them. The two main things here were a magical cleaning cloth and a fine chest containing two bloodstones.

Academical side note: The chest seemed to have indications of symbols about a fallen star. Could this mean something connected to the falling of the mountain on the old Dwarven City Imdeb-Anil? If this is the case, this is the second symbol in the Sewers connected to stuff that happened after/on this cataclysmic event. The other was a poem dedicated to swarms of above-dwellers coming to places they do not belong, indicating perhaps us Adventurers.

We continued in this path further south, which started to head eastward toward where the main entrance to the Sewers were. We found another room on the other side, similar with the portcullis. but with a entrance also behind it. This room did not have any loot, and only a pile of trash in the middle. Going over the bridge on the midway of the half-circle around this room, we found out that the movements we saw were from rats.

While they started to swarm us, the Thief managed to get a Alchemist's Fire up from his satchels, and threw it towards the rats. He managed to miss, and set himself and some members of the group on fire. This also ignited the second Alchemist's Fire he had on himself, so he was in all cases very much on fire. Luckily the Cleric managed to heal and make sure everyone in the intermediate area was resistant to fire. The fire also made the swarms of rats that were attacking to start fleeing away.

We then started the extermination process, which actually became difficult because they were running away. I made the Swashbuckler great hasted, which made her attack six times each second. This apparently amounts to killing two swarms of rats each second. The Thief however, really liked being able to stand in the fire without taking damage. He let himself on fire, and swan dived into the trash pile all the rats were pouring out from. After hugging it for a while, it itself caught fire and we burned everything down. At the bottom we found a gnome skeleton, which had been killed by rats long ago. The identity is a mystery at the moment, but perhaps the Clerics could do something about that. He also had the shield 'Oathkeeper' on him, which could be a clue.

To finish of this tale, I should probably mention that some of the rats went inside large holes under the bridge in the middle of this half-circle next to the portcullis on the old maps. These holes a Halfling may fit inside, but this is not something I would recommend at the moment. However, this could also indicate that there is something perhaps behind the wall on the opposite side. If people are exploring further west in the Sewers (north-east in the old maps), they should therefore assume rats could emerge.


Trash pile with rats removed, some rats still living in other places.
The cleric got the new shield.
We also found a Major Healing Potion, which the guild now has in it's possession.
The southern path seems to bend eastwards; this is also the direction to more gold, according to my magical experimental results.

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