Brandt - 02 - Troll Under The Bridge

To my lord,
The esteemed Grandmaster of the Wizard's Guild in Portstown,
I, Archivist Ethon Brandt of the Capital, send a report of my recent activities.

Some of the group from my last adventurers joined together to target the creature that had killed one of the adventures the last time. The Elven Bard Nightsong had created a guild by the name Survivor's Guild, which had as a goal to limit the people that would get killed by creatures during their hunt for the Dwarven Ruin and its possible treasure. Since this aligned with my goal to look for the same ruins for new archeological or arcane discoveries, I joined them. Additional adventures joined, bringing the total team to the following:

  • Me, Magister Brandt
  • The Knight, Sir Griffith from last time. His shield and mace proved valuable.
  • The Bard, Lady Nightsong as mentioned above. The money behind the attack on the creature terrorizing the Sewers, and made a plan together with my counsel
  • A different Dwarven Cleric, called martos-silverbeardMartos Silverbeard. I think he was a different Cleric, especially since he was a bit more grumpy than the last one. A thing to note if the guild are asking for his aid in the future; the name is a technicality, he only has a silver line in his beard.
  • A friendly Half-Ogre Barbarian, with a giant two-handed sword on her side. Even if she was a reliable fighter in the battle, it seems that the Town's Guard does not have a positive history with her. Any assistance in the future to thee should therefore be subtle. She also seems to have experiences by things eating off her face, her skin was tough. Maybe this is a trait by females I did not know about.
  • A human Swashbuckler by the name Léon Fiore. The entire time in the Sewers he either jumped across the water lines or swam in it. Apparently he fell of the cliff next the Sewer entrance after exiting, taking his share with him. Rather strange fellow, but the adventurers seems to be exactly that.

We found out rather quickly that the creature had been a Troll, and we dealt with it sufficiently by fire after the Knight had smacked him unconscious. The lair of the Trolls also had several pools of blood-eating leeches, which I dealt with personally. While the Sewers is still dangerous, as there rumor are going around about a missing group; we seems to be at a stage where we could arrange the installation of a waypoint portal on the platform with the gods from last time.

After everything Lady Nightsong invited myself to her Guild, and I have accepted at this moment. I am going to provide the services of the Wizard's Guild subtly, and research on how the adventures manages psychologically in these environment. Any interesting discoveries of the arcane or other fields will of course be reported as soon as possible back to thee. I will also regularly report with my activities. I hope this report has had any value to the Grandmaster, and send my regards to my brother if he's found.

With all my regards, and the will of Lord Rehuna,
Magister Ethon Brandt

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