Brandt - 01 - Old Dwarven Sewage System

To my lord,
The esteemed Grandmaster of the Wizard's Guild in Portstown,
I, Archivist Ethon Brandt of the Capital, send a report of my recent activities.

During my recent search for my missing brother Randolph Brandt, and a recent colleague of thee, I was introduced to a group of adventures that had found an entrance to something I thought could be an old Dwarven sewer system. Intrigued by this preposition, I joined them for a trip. Following is my retelling of this journey, and thoughts about the adventures usage for the Guild in the future.

After entering the entrance, where a old room for maintenance where, we followed the sewer until we reached a fork. Following my intuition we went to the left, where we came upon a rather large room with multiple exits. In the middle the group found a platform with six gods, all slightly twisted from the age and possible time. On the statue of the Knowledgeable Lord Rehuna we also discovered writing in six different languages, which was an old poem about insects coming in numbers. Could such a hypothesis explain the fall of the mythical Dwarven City of Old? Or was this a prophecy about the newly built Portstown?

This room was also occupied by some kind of ooze, that did not seem to like light and fire. My traveling companions with their arrows and swords seemed to have no easy way to defeat such foes, but magical fire did the work. More research will come, provided I see such foes again, but I hypothesize that flames and crushing are the ways you could defeat these sticky creatures. That sewer is also infested by some fish that eats flesh, and in one of the next room ahead the Half-Orge Scout we had was dragged underneath a bridge and eaten by a bigger, and probably intelligent, creature in the water. If he is known to thee, I apologize for not remembering after all my time in the archives that a divided party never ends well.

Further research is recommended from me; multiple exits where found from this room with the platforms of the gods, and the Scout yelled about riches before getting killed. I have also sensed the possibility of gold nearby, which could indicate a entrance to a ruin below the Sewer. As we of the Wizard's Guild know, the Dwarves builds the sewage above their cities. The Bard also mentioned that the platform of the gods could be a good magical waypoint, because of the forking nature. The only problem here would be to bring a plank or two, to limit spell-usage, with which you could to create a make-shift bridge before something more permanent could be arranged.

The Adventuring Group was as follow:

  • Me, Magister Brandt.
  • Scout, the Half-Ogre Mazur. Large fellow with good bowmanship, but scared of crowds and I suspect anyone connected to magic. His eyes accustomed to the night was useful to notice enemies, and while he dealt not much damage to the oozes, he always hit. He sadly was killed by something while scouting ahead.
  • Cleric, the Dwarf. He followed us because we had a Knight with a reputation about protecting Clerics. He healed people after the fight, but could not do much because of the ranged and narrow situation. I did not catch his name, but how many Dwarves could there be next to a possible Dwarven ruin?
  • Knight, a Human Sir Griffith. Shield-bearing man with weapons that managed to defeat the oozes in the end. He apparently has a good reputation with helping people, and seems to be a good possible asset to the Guild.
  • Bard, an Elven Woman by the name Nightsong. The lady with the connections, she was the person who created the group to begin with. She was one of the two archer of our group, as well as being knowledgeable in cartography, languages and magic. Nightsong could complement much of the Wizards the Guild could send for further studies. She also had some connection to traders, which also could be a further asset for the Wizard's Guild in the future.
  • Swashbuckler, Moss Galden. The fast person in our group, he leapt over the distance with no problems and began our engagement. He seems like a honourable gentleman, with a good mind in combat. He defeated an ooze with a chest for example. He could also be a good asset, provided we never send him on a diving mission. It seems like water turns him on, and he starts to take clothes off.

I hope this report is valuable to thee Grandmaster, and I'll report further if possible about further findings about the possible Dwarven City. And if thee should hear news of my late-brother, please call for me in return.

With all my regards, and the will of Lord Rehuna,
Magister Ethon Brandt

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