A looking for group page

Hi! We players are supposed to organize groups for each session ourselves, but I have not heard how this is supposed to happen, so maybe we can have a page for it here:

1 honorable dwarf cleric of Rehuna looking for group :)

In my opinion, a good group would be:
3 fighters, capable and willing to tank and defend the weaker characters.
2 support / casters (at least 1 healer)
1 specialist (looking ahead, finding traps etc)
0 berserkers, kleptomaniacs or other disadvantages that are excuses to screw the other PCs.

A mix of experienced and unskilled players / optimized and casual characters.

Group setup for 29/8:

Jonas: While this is done with good intentions I can see several problems with this. If the groups are determined before the actual date of the session that can leave players who show up spontaneous or infrequent or are new to the whole club with a very unbalanced group. Furthermore it can lead to the formation of groups who will always play together and exclude other players (if those groups from they should form outside of the club and arrange for a private game).

The issues I named are not avoided by not having an online group finder and can only truly be avoided if whoever makes the groups does so fair without personal bias. This is actually why I think the GMs should form the groups and not the players. (I know that GMs might also have preferred players but I also think they should be able to stand above that.)

Julian: I think pairing up with someone you work well with could work in a group dynamic, but I agree on not making groups ooc.

Jonas: I am not saying that people who work well together should not play together. I say we should prevent exclusive groups from forming.

Rune: I think the best course would be to try to divide the group after the missions we want to do, if we do have different goals to choose between (exploring area A, setting up a waypoint in area B, take out boss in area C etc.). In true West Marches style, we will then have a preferred list of each person's wishes for the session, if we really plan this. The GM's can then shift people around where it is necessary. And hopefully we don't end up with three distinct groups doing their own things. The key thing for me is that each group is a mix of "skilled" and unskilled players.

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