What Lies Below

Saga Complete.

Find the next Saga at klubbsaga2019.wikidot.com/ when that site is up.

The best place to get the rulebooks is probably from Warehouse 23, which handles distribution for Steve Jackson Games. Under the price there is a dropdown menu which lets you chose PDFs, if you prefer instant access to the digital files.

Rulebooks can also be bought on rpgnow if you prefer that (which I unfortunately found out too late)

Hexagon's club campaign
Hexagon's club campaign is open for all who want to play. We have premade characters, so if you come to a club night you can start playing at once. You don't need to have any previous experience with roleplaying games. These pages have a lot of information about the campaign, but you don't need to read it before playing.

These pages are in English because we have several members who don't speak Norwegian, but if you aren't comfortable playing in English, let the GMs know when you arrive.

Each club campaign starts in August, and runs until May or June.

This year's campaign: What Lies Below
The dwarven city of Imdeb-Anil was thought lost to eternity when an angry god decided to drop a mountain on it some two or three thousand years ago. Adventurers searched for it anyways, of course, initially with the goal of rescuing any survivors and later with the goal of rescuing the vast wealth of the city. But for millennia, Godsrage Mountain has hidden Imdeb-Anil from the world. Until now…

At least, that’s what the rumors say. Apparently, ancient dwarven artifacts have been found in caves around the sleepy town of Portstown, at the foot of the Godsrage Mountain. They might be unrelated. Heck, it might well be another hoax. But adventurers are flocking to Portstown anyways, hoping to find a way down into the mountain to see what lies below. And to loot it. Thoroughly.

Or more likely die trying. There are fights you aren't ready for, traps you cannot defeat without a professional Thief, and the occasional unlucky roll. This is not DnD, with encounters matched to your level and more hit points every time you level up. You encounter what's currently there, whether or not it would be a fair fight. And even the toughest Knight can be slain in a single blow if a goblin gets him in the eye with a spear. This is the Dungeon Fantasy Role-Playing Game and its old school.

The Dungeon Fantasy Role-playing Game is “powered by GURPS”. That means it uses a streamlined version of GURPS rules, with faster paced battlemap based combat, massively simplified and streamlined character creation and advancement, and with everything ready to play out of the box. Everything that isn't about dungeon crawling has been stripped back as much as possible to leave more time for the important things in life: killing monsters and taking their stuff.

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